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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

As probably most of you may know, elf recently did a 50% discount code and it didn't take long for me to take full advantage of this offer and try some new products! Ill do reviews once I have used the products a little more.

eye shadow in amethyst, eye shadow in charcoal, cream eyeliner & eye shadow 'c' brush

Up until about six months ago I never wore eye shadow and I think I'm making up for lost time as now I can't stop wearing it and going eye shadow crazy. I picked up two colours, a dark grey/black and a purple along with a new eye shadow brush. I also bought the studio cream eyeliner in black, which is a firm favourite of mine!


lipstick in seductive, lipstick in runway pink, lipstick in nicely nude & lip lock pencil

Just like eye shadows I've never really been a huge lipstick fan, mainly due to having really dry lips and ending up having croissant lips if I even go near lipstick. However, I've convinced myself that there are lipsticks out there that won't give me the croissant effect! Lets hope these aren't too drying and the lip lock pencil helps prolong lipstick wear!

I had a bad relationship with a studio blush once, so I wanted to put this all behind me and try out some more, even blushers deserve a second chance right? Due to having oily skin I prefer to set my make up with powder, but this instantly takes away the dewy finish of my foundations, so I bought the makeup mist and set to set my make up in a different way. So far I've sprayed this in my hair and eyes, missed my face completely and drowned myself in it, which made my make up melt away. Less is more Kelly.

Did you take advance of this amazing offer?


  1. I love the items you picked up, would love to try out the peachy keen blush and makeup mist and set - can't wait for the reviews! x

  2. fab haul!
    I love Elf products, I did not use the 50% off as I had recently bought lots from them but now wish I had!

    1. mee too, some things aren't as good as others but that's forgiven by the price! awww nevermind :( hopefully they do it again some time!

  3. great choices!
    I love elf blushes!

    1. i've only tried one from the studio range and wasn't that impressed, so im looking forward to trying these and see if they are any good :)

  4. elf always has such great deals!!
    My favorite is the felt tip eyeliner...goes on soo nice!

    I'm loving your eyeshadow choices...purple anything is a must for me!! :)
    I'm curious about the face primer...did I miss it in your review? What did you think of it?

    Now following, your blog is so cute! Love the name!

    1. they do don't they, and the price is fantastic! i haven't tried that, used to use a felt tip like eye liner from maybelline, but now relgiously use my elf cream eye liner!

      i've never used purple before so excited to use it :)
      ohh sorry, i haven't done any reviews properly yet, just a quick mention. will do full reviews soon, but so far so good, leaves my face very soft!

  5. I love the Elf make up mist and set! xo

  6. I didn't take advantage this time =( i did on their last one but I'm so skint at the moment. You made great purchase, I really like the studio blushes, hope you get on better with them this time.

  7. Ooh there's lots of products here I've had my eye on! I can't wait to see reviews on them :)


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