2012 favourites!

Monday, 31 December 2012

2012 has been my 'main chunk of my blogging life', so I have discovered so many lovely products!
It was hard to narrow this down, but the products here are just my absolute favourites from this year!

 2012 make up favourites

This has been my most used eye shadow palette of 2012.
I just love the quality, the lasting time, the shades and the price.
This is a real staple in my make up collection

This has been a recent discovery, but I've found my all time favourite foundation!
My skin is dull, often dry and red from eczema and has a couple blemishes (lovely).
But this foundation covers it all and makes my face look so glowly!

I have loved this blush for a long time.
It's just an easy to wear gorgeous shimmery peach.

Elf tickled pink blush
Another blush favourite, this time from elf (the purse is happy)
I really like the colour of this, just a subtle, everyday, light matte pink.
The quality for the price is unbelievable!

As I mentioned earlier my skin isn't in the best condition.
This concealer covers everything, it's amazing
It's perfect for my handbag, covers dark circles without caking and leaves such a natural finish.

2012 hair care favourites

Only a few hair care favourites from the year, but honestly these are amazing products! 
I've tried a lot of hair products and they have been good, but these are really really good!

I don't even have coloured hair so can't comment on this extending the life of my hair colour.
But, this has given my hair so much shine! 
It's a really quick fix for out of control, dull and frizzy hair!
It's leaves my hair super sleek and full of life!

Aussie take the heat deep treatment
This is the hair mask my hair has been waiting for!
It's just so thick and creamy and really moisturises my hair deeply.
It leaves it really soft and manageable too!

L'oreal elvive extraordinary oil
Quite a recent discovery, but it's my favourite oil!
Even over moroccanoil (something I thought I'd never say)
It just ticks all the right boxes, moisture, shine, smells good, controls frizz, the lot!

2012 everything else favourites

Soap and glory sugar crush body scrub
Probably my nicest 'scent' discovery of 2012!
It just reminds me of lime coke and it's a fab exfoliator!
(I actually only just tired soap and glory for the first time this year, I'm hooked!)

Body shop body butters
In general, I've been loving the body shop body butters!
I use them everyday to moisture and make my skin smell delightful.
Almond and cocoa have been my faves!

Liz earle super skin concentrate
I love liz earle skin care products, they are just so natural.
This oil has sorted out some pretty bad dry phases and even oily ones!
It has a relaxing scent and makes my skin look fresh and plump!

Nuxe reve de miel lip balm
For so long I suffered with dry, chapped and sore lips.
Until I took the plunge this summer and bought this!
It's been on my lips everyday since I got it!

Juicy couture viva la juicy perfume 
I'm a huge fan of very sweet smelling scents.
This is just one of them!
I adore this perfume, it's become one of my favourites!

So there we go, my 2012 favourites!
I'm excited to see what I discover throughout 2013!

My little peanut and pickles

Sunday, 16 December 2012

I thought I would share with you two little guys that are a big part of my life.
Peanut and pickles, my two gerbils!

I've only had them since september, but they are just the best pets!
They are very, very, very curious, everything I do, everything I put in their cage they have to explore!
They thump their feet when they get excited and stand up like meerkats to have a little nosey!

They are burrowing animals, so live in a gerbilarium which has a big tank at the bottom for tunnelling.
They chew a lot! Ill spend lots of money on toys, but they would much rather have a cardboard box!

They are very social! Hence why I have two, they get very depressed without a cage mate :(
They also love humans, especially pickles, who loves to climb up my dressing gown sleeve. 

They are like two peas in a pod, they always play, sleep together and groom each other.
They are so cute and I'm so glad I got them! 

Empties 003

Saturday, 15 December 2012

(for some odd reason the majority of these products are either from liz earle or dove)

To me a deodorant is a deodorant, it does the job! It did smell lovely though, it's pomegranate and lemon scented. 
Repurchase? - I do regularly

I loved using this! It helped my often irritated and puffy eyes feel  and look normal again!
Repurchase? - It's not an essential so probably not

My favourite cleanser! (as you probably know). However, I feel that I want to try something new as I've been using this for a year now! This may be one of them 'if it isn't broke don't fix it' situations!
Repurchase? - yes in the future

I don't have coloured hair so can't comment on the results of that. But this did leave my hair amazingly feeling soft like the nourishing oil one does
Repurchase? - not this particular one as it's for coloured hair

This was actually a lovely dewy natural foundation, I posted about it here.
Repurchase? - probably not, lasting time wasn't great

This leaves my skin looking fresh, bright and removes any extra make up cleansing missed.
Repurchase - already have

My skin has decided to change it's skin type and now become 'problem skin'. Thanks skin :( This helps to control any excess oil and calm my breakouts.
Repurchase - already have

You know when you go to the dentist and they clean your teeth with that 'gritty stuff'? Well this tasted like that, not good. It didn't whiten my teeth either.
Repurchase - no!

I love the nourishing oil deep conditioner so had high expectations of these. They are not bad products at all, just nothing special. They left my hair feeling clean and conditioned.
Repurchase - probably not

A loved concealer by many! I've bought this a couple times not. It's my go to concealer for blemishes.
But I'm after something lighter for under my eyes, which can be quite dry at times!
Repurchase - yes as it's amazing at covering spots!

Do you have any under eye concealer and cleanser recommendations?

Christmas beauty wishlist

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Balance me wonder eye cream - I still haven't got round to buying this beauty of a product! It just ticked all the boxes for me, brightens, tightens, intensely moisturises and de-puffs!

Models own winter wonderland collection - I tend to wear a glitter nail polish over everything! This is just the perfect set, especially in winter!

NYX blushers in taupe and dusty rose - I've heard a lot about taupe being the perfect contour shade for pale girls! For that reason I really want to try this product! Dusty rose also looks like a lovely shade, I don't own many blushes that shade!

Origins ginzing mascara - From reading blog posts this mascara does wonders for your eye lashes! I'm always trying new mascara's and this one seems like a good one to try! It also claims to brighten your eyes too!

Antipodes divine face oil - Since falling in love with the liz earle super skin concentrate I've wanted to try a couple more face oils! Especially as it's winter and my skin is quite dry at the moment!

Sugar crush body buttercream - I'm a huge sugar crush body scrub fan, just because it simply smells amazing! I therefore want to constantly smell like this so I need this body cream! They also have it in a body wash too!

Antipodes vanilla pod day cream - As much as I love my liz earle skin care routine which I've sworn by for a year now, I feel like a change. There has been a lot of hype around antipodes skin care and we all know I'm a sucker for a hype! It sounds like it would smell delicious too!

What are you wishing for?

Liz earle super skin concentrate

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

I've never really been that interested in skin oils, mainly because I've never tried any. But I received Liz Earles super skin concentrate free with their monthly skin care packages and had to go give it a go!  The oil claims to soften dry or mature skin and balance oily skin, so it's pretty much suitable for anyone! It does have a strong smell and at first I wasn't that keen on it. But it's bearable and has become quite a relaxing scent now.

I apply this after cleaning and toning, but before moisturising. I find that moisturiser helps to sink this product in. However, it does sit on the skin a little, so I always wear my hair up to avoid getting oily hair. By morning my skin is soft and plump and I find my make up applies so smoothly! This really does balance my oily skin, more so than any oil controlling masks I use!

What's your favourite skin oil?

November favourites

Saturday, 1 December 2012

I was certainly late to the party with this! But oh my I'm in love! The shades are just perfect for me, the quality of the eye shadows are lovely too, really buttery, gliding on really smoothly. You can just create so many looks with this palette. Although I like to save this for best, Mua eye shadow palettes are a much cheaper option for day time wear! 

This is just my perfect winter lipstick shade! As with all Revlon lip butters, the quality is amazing, they are very moisturising and have great pigmentation! I find due to it's dark shade that this lipstick stains the lips a little, in a good way, which makes the lipstick last much longer!

Winter always results in very dry and often chapped lips! But luckily this year I have this beauty to help fight this and make my lips lovely and smooth! This has been one of my favourite buys this year!

This beauty is my skins saviour! Whenever my skin is feeling dry I just roll some of this oil onto my face and by morning my skin feels softer, looks plumper and is full of moisture! I have oily skin and I actually find that this helps to control it in some strange way! It's also very relaxing, can see this lasting a long time!

What have been your favourites?

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