Liz earle super skin concentrate

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

I've never really been that interested in skin oils, mainly because I've never tried any. But I received Liz Earles super skin concentrate free with their monthly skin care packages and had to go give it a go!  The oil claims to soften dry or mature skin and balance oily skin, so it's pretty much suitable for anyone! It does have a strong smell and at first I wasn't that keen on it. But it's bearable and has become quite a relaxing scent now.

I apply this after cleaning and toning, but before moisturising. I find that moisturiser helps to sink this product in. However, it does sit on the skin a little, so I always wear my hair up to avoid getting oily hair. By morning my skin is soft and plump and I find my make up applies so smoothly! This really does balance my oily skin, more so than any oil controlling masks I use!

What's your favourite skin oil?


  1. I've used body oils before which have been really nice but never on my face. Definitely want to try one though, I love anything that's moisturising at this time of year! xx

  2. I've never used any skin oils before but I love Liz Earle's products - I might give this a try! xx

  3. I love oils!! Have never seen this one before, any idea on the price?

  4. I've been using the Body Shop Vitamin E facial oil but I'd love to try this Liz Earle one :)

  5. This looks fab!


  6. I think I may need to pick this up, esp as the rollerball 2ml one is only £5.75 xo

  7. I'm really hoping to buy some Liz Earle products soon! this sounds lovelyyy xxxx

  8. ive heard so much about this its definately on my wishlist! Clarins face oil is also lovely!
    Love your blog, now following!


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