April favourites

Monday, 30 April 2012

It's that time of the month again, well not that one, but monthly favourites. The one product I have been loving this month is moroccanoil! I finally forked out and bought it and my hair has never looked so shiny or felt so soft, I don't know why I didn't buy it sooner, it's amazing. I've really been liking the l'oreal lumi magique primer to add a lovely dewy glow to my skin before foundation application. Another product which has been making my skin look radiant is the rimmel wake me up foundation. Despite it containing shimmer, which is a little off putting, it does wear well and has the perfect coverage for me. Of course the viva la juicy perfume has been something I haven't stopped using all month, I just love the strong sweet smell. Last but not least, I've really been enjoying the revlon lip butters. They are so moisturising and provide such a lovely application of colour to the lips.

Rimmel wake me up foundation, worth the hype?

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Don't know if you can see but the bottle does have little specs of shimmer in

At the moment, I'm having a bit of a foundation break down. I just can't seem to find one that is right for me any more. Normally I wear Mac studio fix fluid, but recently I've gone off it as it's starting to cling to dry patches and fade quite quickly. So I thought I'd give Rimmels wake me up a try after all the blog hype and the fact that it's much cheaper!

When I bought it the first thing I noticed was the shimmer in the bottle and this did put me off a little, but I bought it anyway. In some lights the shimmer does show up, but this is very rare and doesn't put me off the foundation nor make me look like Edward Cullen! I like the coverage and would say it's medium to high and leaves a lovely glowy, dewy look to the skin. Which is great as this is what it claims to do. This foundation doesn't cling to any dry patches or fade in certain areas and does last a full day! However, I've found that by the end of the day, even when using powder that this foundation does make my nose and forehead super shiny, which really puts me off the foundation a little. This might just be due to my skin though as it's a little on the oily side.

I'd say this is worth the hype. It provides good coverage, adds a lovely dewy look to the skin, doesn't cling to dry patches, is affordable and quite long lasting!

How liz earle skincare has helped my skin

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

 cleanse and polish, skin tonic, skin repair light moisturiser, eye bright lotion  & deep cleansing mask

My skin type is in a muddle. Basically I have quite an oily t-zone, extremely dry and sore eyes because of my eczema and hayfever, normal cheeks, a really dry nose, oily chin and to top it all off I can suffer from a few breakouts. Overall I say my skin is combination/oily, due to it mainly being a combination of everything possible and being quite oily.

So as you can imagine skin care products which helped control my spots and oily skin, while moisturising my dry and sensitive areas were quite difficult to find, yet alone work for my skin. Until I tried Liz Earle skin care. How did I live without these products? My skin used to be really problematic and I always had spots and tried everything to get rid of them, but nothing worked.

But since using every product mentioned above my skin has improved so much it's untrue! My spots are a thing of the past and of course, occasionally I get the odd one, but I wasn't expecting them to clear up and stay away that much. My oily skin stays under control due to the amazing deep cleansing mask and light moisturiser, my sore eyes are soothed and less red and puffy because of the soothing eye lotion and my dry patches stay moisturised, without the moisturiser being too heavy for other areas of my face. It just amazes me that this skin care routine has calmed and basically got rid of my spots, while helping my other problems.

Obviously this is what works for me, and everyone's skin is different, but I can't recommend it enough, especially these products if you suffer from oily/problem skin (not so much sensitive). I tested these products out, apart from the soothing eye lotion by buying a try me kit, which allowed me to see if it worked and was gentle enough for me. I will certainly be using all these products for an extremely long time, I've found what works for me and I'm over the moon.

What's been your miracle skin care products?

Favourite body butter

Sunday, 22 April 2012

I've always loved cocoa butters for how moisturising they are and the amazing scent they have. However, I've always been quite fussy with which ones I buy, as some can smell quite cheap and generally not feel that nice on the skin. But there is one that I can't get enough of and that's the body shops cocoa butter. It smells amazing, and doesn't have that cheap smell that some body butters can have, especially cocoa butters. I have quite dry skin occasionally, due to having eczema and this doesn't irritate it at all and actually moisturises my skin really well. The scent lasts on the skin all day and doesn't feel sticky or heavy. However, if you put too much on it can become quite heavy on the skin, so only a little is needed, which is always great news! 

Would love some more body shop body butter recommendations if you have any!

It's the little things

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Not the usual type of blog post from me, but this is something I wanted to share, because basically, it's just too cute not too. I saw this whilst looking on the temporary secretary online shop, and fell in love with how cute it was, and just thought it was a little different from other rabbit rings I've seen. How cute are it's huge pink ears? It's little things like this that make me happy. The ring is adjustable so should fit most finger sizes and delivery only took a couple days and it came securely and beautifully packaged, with a hand written personal note. I really recommend you check out their website, if you haven't done so already, as they have some lovely jewellery and other accessories!

Disclaimer: I was not sent or paid for this product to be reviewed, I just am really pleased with it.

Revlon lip butters, worth the hype?

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Peach parfait
Sweet tart

Strawberry shortcake

After seeing the Revlon lip butters pop up absolutely everywhere, I knew I wanted them, but my student loan was a long way a way, so I had to wait quite a while before I could get my paws on them. When I finally had money I picked up three shades, peach parfait, sweet tart and strawberry shortcake, but that was after much debate if these were even worth the 'hype' and if I was willing to pay £7.99 each. In the end I did, and it's safe to say that these are definitely worth the hype!

I just love the quilted packaging and the formula of the lip butters is really creamy and moisturising and guides onto the lips really easily. At first I was a little worried that the pigmentation and colour wouldn't be that great onto the lips, but as you can see they all show up really well with just one coat. Peach parfait is the lightest shade I purchased and is such a great everyday colour, which isn't too sheer or too full. However, it does contain shimmer so this might not be perfect for everyone, but I don't mind. The colour lasts on the lips for a good few hours, before a top up is needed. I've found that out of all of them that strawberry shortcake clings to some dry patches on my lips more than the others, no idea why. Not read this anywhere else, so don't worry I still recommend this shade, I just need to scrub and condition my lips before application. 

I'm tempted to buy more, what's your thoughts on these?

Forget me not

Saturday, 14 April 2012

This is such a lovely pale blue colour, which is perfect for spring and goes with absolutely any outfit. I love Topshop nail polishes, they are reasonably priced and the packaging really stands out in my nail polish collection. This nail polish takes two coats, which doesn't bother me as I always do this with any polish. I'm lusting after adrenalin and milkshake at the moment, both beautiful pink colours.

Topshop lip tint in crystal

Thursday, 12 April 2012

How pretty can a lipstick get? It reminds me of the pretend lipsticks I used to have when I was younger, which were just covered in glitter and were bright pink, but don't worry it doesn't come out like this on the lips at all. It reacts to your natural lip colour so provides you with a unique shade to suit your skin tone, how exciting, so your colour will probably be a little different from mine. I actually really like the colour that it comes out on my lips, so I will be getting a lot of use out of this product. At first it comes out quite clear, but then you can see the colour developing. 

I found that this product is not drying at all and is quite moisturising on the lips, this is probably due to it being a lip tint and being quite lip balm like. As with any lip products I always use a lip scrub before I apply it, my favourite is the lush lip scrubs and this helps to get rid of any dry skin that the product might cling to. The colour lasts a of couple hours before another application is needed, but this doesn't bother me as most lip products do. This might not show up on darker lip colours, due to it being a lip tint, however it may provide you with a darker colour as it adapts to your natural lip colour, so have a little test out before you buy. I do love this product and just had to buy it, I just found the packaging was beautiful, along with the neon pink glitter filled lipstick and the whole 'unique shade' concept quite exciting, it's just a shame it's limited addition.

Have you tried this product? What are your thoughts?

Current obsession

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

I don't think I can express how much I love this perfume. It has soon taken over my other favourite perfume noir from the white company, which I thought I'd never be able to replace. It smells so fruity and sweet, and it has quite a strong scent, so it might not be for everyone. But it's just perfect for me! The bottle I have is 50ml's and costs around £45, so I'm trying my hardest to ration it and save it for special occasions, but it's becoming quite difficult when it smells this amazing! I love the oversized pink bow and the bottles lid, it just looks very pretty on my dressing table.

Liz earle try me kit

Monday, 9 April 2012

This is something I can not recommend enough. If your like me and wanted to try the whole Liz Earle skin care routine but was unsure if it was for you or not, then this would be perfect for you to give everything a little try. The set I purchased includes a mini cleanse and polish, instant boost skin tonic, moisturiser for combination/oily skin and deep cleansing mask, as well as two sponges and one muslin cloth (there are sets for different skin types, including mini body care sets). The kit costs £24.25, which is quite pricey for mini products, however they have lasted me so long, literally months, so really worth it! I'm not going to individually review the products, because you have probably read plenty of reviews on them. However, I am going to say that this kit is perfect for my skin and allowed me to try the products without spending all my money on the full sized ones. It has balanced the oil on my skin, took all my make up off effortlessly and improved the overall appearance of my skin. Since purchasing this try me kit I've bought all the products full sized apart from the deep cleansing mask, but I'm going to buy this as soon as I get a few pennies!


Sunday, 8 April 2012

excuse the webcam picture

i'm not wearing lipstick, just some carmex, very strange!

Well this week has been filled with too much chocolate (not like that's a bad thing), I couldn't stop myself and save it for today, I can't be around chocolate for more than five mins without having a little nibble. Today I spent the day with the family, where my nana made me a lovely veggie roast dinner! Had a little Topshop make up haul yesterday and picked up head over heals blush, forget me not nail polish and crystal lipstick, posts soon of course, loving them so far! I had my eyebrows waxed for the first time the other day and think this is soon to become part of my routine as it's so much neater than plucking! Pointless post, but wanted to start doing more 'personal' posts so to speak. Right I'm off to go and watch titanic with a brew, how exciting! Hope you all had a wonderful chocolate filled easter!

Body shop satsuma

Saturday, 7 April 2012

The body shop satsuma body polish
The body shop satsuma puree body lotion mini

I received both of these for my birthday and the second I opened them I just knew that this would become one of my favourite body shop scents. As with all body shop products they just smell amazing, the satsuma smell is just beautiful, really fresh and summery. It's a bit hard to get across how amazing these both smell by writing about them, but you just have to smell these when your next in the body shop! The body polish is an exfoliator which leaves my skin feeling really soft, looking radiant and smelling amazing. The body puree leaves my skin feeling really moisturised, leaving such a long lasting scent on my skin, as does the body polish. I love both of these products and will be re-purchasing both of these, including the full sized body puree when they run out.

Wednesday wishlist 010

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Why when you have no money at all you just want everything? I've been very poor recently and counting down the days until my student loan makes an appearance in my bank to go on a huge shopping spree! I don't know what it is with me but I always want play suits and dresses, but I love the large floral print on this one. I've wanted the mac cleanse off  oil for a while, mainly because I haven't tried an oil cleanser before. I need that owl necklace in my life, it's just adorable and I love the feather detailing on it! And the shoes, how pretty are they? The peep toe, the lattice detailing and the over sized bow, they are so girly and just really cute. The last thing I've been lusting over recently is the nars albatross highlighter, as it looks gorgeous on and I've really gotten into highlighting and contouring recently. Student loan hurry.

Benefit tan about town

Monday, 2 April 2012

Benefit town about town mini £9 from larger boots stores
Swatch: hoola bronzer

Whenever I see a mini set of products like this I just have to purchase it. I love the concept of trying samples of products out and paying a smaller price for something I haven't used before because there isn't a risk of wasting as much money on something if it wasn't quite right. I saw this by the till in boots and didn't waste a second buying it. The mini set includes a mini some kind-a gorgeous foundation faker in medium, hoola bronzer and bad gal lash mascara.

I've always wanted to try benefit hoola as I've read so many good reviews about this. The bronzer is matt, which is perfect as I use bronzer mainly for contouring and don't like using bronzer with shimmer in. I'm quite pale and this bronzer is perfect for my skin and most of all doesn't make my skin look muddy or dirty as some products can do. This is easy to blend and lasts all day, will definitely be re-purchasing this when it's run out, although this sample will probably last a while.

I've never tried mascara from benefit before, as I have found the perfect mascara for me and that's No7 exquisite curl mascara or Maybelline colossal volum' express mascara and never really felt the need to try any others. This mascara provides good length to my lashes, but not very good volume. I was expecting more to be honest, as I do love benefit make up, but it just didn't give me the big voluminous lashes I was hoping for. 

Some kind-a gorgeous is a foundation faker which is meant to leave your skin tone even looking, without  it looking like you have foundation on. As I was looking through the pile of boxes in boots I didn't see any with any shades other than medium. I don't know if this was because the other shades had sold out or if the mini set only contains the shade medium, which wouldn't be too great. I found that this product was a little too dark for my skin and left a light coverage, which I wasn't too keen on, as I prefer full coverage foundations. It did actually even my skin tone out a little, especially on red areas, but this may of been because it was quite dark. A little goes a long way and this would be perfect for anyone who just needs light coverage.

Have you tried any of the products in this set, what do you think?

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