Essie fiji & set in stones

Saturday, 30 June 2012

I think I have found my favourite nail combination.

Teeny tiny haul

Friday, 29 June 2012

Been treating myself lately, I actually say that a lot so I guess it's not really a treat. For once in my entire life I spent more money on clothes than make up, which explains why this is a teeny tiny haul. But I thought I'd share it anyway because who doesn't like a good nosey at a haul? I know I do. 

Lovely blogs 002

Monday, 25 June 2012

The thing I love most about Angelica's blog is the variety of different types of blog post's she does. She takes such lovely photos and her posts are really easy and enjoyable to read. Whenever she does a wish list post I literally want everything on it! 

Annabel is so creative in her blog posts and also in her shop which sells beautiful unique jewellery. I love her blog layout and her big, bright clear pictures, but what really made her blog stand out to me is her art posts, which I really enjoy reading just as much as her beauty posts. 

I love reading Abbi's blog any product she reviews I just want and is added to my ever growing wishlist. What I really like about her blog is how she puts pictures of her wearing the products she features on her blog, which really help to show the products in use. Glamourtramp is one of my favourite blogs, she deserves more followers!

My hair's favourite treatment

Saturday, 23 June 2012

After falling in love with inecto's pure coconut intensely hydrating hair repair treatmentwhich is my all time favourite hair mask, I decided that I needed to get my hands on a tub of coconut oil. I picked this up at superdrug for around £2, which is an absolute bargain considering you get 125ml's. 

The oil actually comes as a hard pressed balm and turns into an oil when rubbed between your hands or heated up. When I use this I pop a towel around my shoulders scoop out some product with a spoon, melt between my hands and apply to dry hair avoiding the roots. I like to leave it on for as long as possible, so I usually put my hair up and wash it out the next morning. Warning this does make your hair look like it's not been washed in weeks so apply on a day when your not going out. 

When I wash it out I shampoo and condition as normal and once dry my hair is super moisturised, shiny and smells amazing. I have never found a product to be so effective at moisturising the hair, I think it's because coconut oil really penetrates the hair shaft. Another thing I love about this product is that it's a fantastic skin softener, so it moisturises my hands at the same time. Honestly my hair loves the stuff and I'm sorry hair for not introducing you to this little gem earlier. 

Have you tried coconut oil before? Did your hair love it as much as mine?

Mac studio sculpt and studio fix foundations

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Mac studio sculpt foundation NC20 - left, including swatches
Mac studio fix fluid foundation NC20- right, including swatches

Mac studio sculpt is a gel based foundation, so it's great for people with dry skin. However, I have oily skin and this foundation sits perfectly, without it looking oily. This foundation has medium to high coverage and leaves a slight dewy finish. One of my favourite things about it is the smell, it smells like Baileys! You get more product in this foundation than the studio fix, an extra 10ml, however it does cost a little more at £23. The lasting time of this foundation is really good, lasting nearly a full day. I find this doesn't stick to any dry patches or change colour throughout the day and is my favourite out of the two.

Mac studio fix is a matt foundation which provides high buildable coverage. Due to this being a matt foundation it is best for people with oily skin. However, one major downfall to this product is how it can fade quickly and cling to dry patches! I love the finish of this foundation, it covers everything and has such a high coverage. This foundation costs £19.50 and comes without a pump included in the price, so with a pump it costs £22.50. I've found with a good primer and moisturiser the lasting time and downfalls of this product can be improved. 

What our your thoughts on these two foundations?

Manuka doctor apinourish repairing skin cream

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

*do not use if you are allergic to bee stings*

Manuka doctor's apinourish repairing skin cream is a new concept to my skin care routine. What is so different about this is that it contains bee venom. At first I was a little put off by this as I am a vegetarian and wasn't sure how this was done without harming the bees. My mind was put at ease when I looked through their website and saw that they are bee friendly and read about how this process is done humanly.

Bee venom has many benefits for the skin including fast renewal of skin cells, reducing scaring and ageing as well as eliminating and preventing acne. Apinourish, the one I have, focuses on repairing and moisturising the skin, whereas apiclear is created for calming problem skin. They also do other products for health and well-being. 

The main reason I purchased this product was to reduce the scaring on my face from previous years of suffering with problem skin. After using this for over a month I can definitely say there has been a huge improvement in my scaring. Some scars have disappeared completely and others have reduced in size and redness. I have quite oily skin and I was a little worried that this may be a little to heavy for my skin, but it's perfect and really moisturising. The product can be described as a thick gel, which takes a minute or two to sink into the skin. The smell isn't all that appealing, it's not a bad smell, it just smells really medical, however, the benefits of this product seriously outweigh this. 

This is a pricey product at £25, but it's an investment worth making if you have scaring and skin that is in need of renewal. I will continue to use this and repurchase it until my skin no longer needs it as this has really given me confidence and better looking skin. However, it needs to be remembered that everyone's skin is different and what works for me may not work for you. 

Have you tried this? Does it interest you?

Lovely blogs 001

Monday, 11 June 2012

Bonjour Belle is a lovely blog wrote by Steph. What I love most about her blog is how her posts vary from beauty to fashion, reviews, hauls and even personal posts, making her blog highly addictive! She also does blog designs which all look amazing and are so affordable! 

I always love reading posts from Abby's blog, she has a lovely way of writing and when I first found her blog I was reading for ages! Her photography is lovely too and really bright and clear making her posts really interesting and pretty.

Le beauty girl is a fantastic blog written by Ysis and ever since I found it I've been hooked. Her posts are really varied and so interesting, her tutorials and weekly favourites posts are amazing, you have to see for yourself! I'm also extremely jealous of her long super shiny hair!

Hope you enjoy these blogs just as much as me!

Wednesday wishlist 013

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Recently I've just wanted everything I've seen, this is not good as I need to save up my money, but oh my why is everything so pretty? I literally love everything on the glamorous website especially this aztec print dress, the patterns and colours all look really nice together. I've wanted a pair of crochet shorts for a while now, I suppose it's good the weather is bad at the moment because it's preventing me from buying these! H&M is another shop which I love everything in and shouldn't be allowed in unsupervised, them shoes are gorgeous and I may purchase the powder pink colour too. Ever since receiving a ciate nail polish in the june marie-claire magazine I've wanted them all, secretly I love the bottles more than anything, but that's okay right?

Ciate bon bon

Monday, 4 June 2012

Ciate bon bon
 free with June Marie-Claire magazine

I absolutely love Ciate nail polish bottles. They look so pretty with the black bow and oversized lid that I always make sure this is at the top of my nail polish pile. I got this free with the June addition of Marie-Claire and this has become one of my favourite nail colours. Bon bon is like a greyish lilac shade and looks lovely with absolutely anything. One coat is all that's needed to achieve an opaque nail colour, however I always do two and this polish lasts a good few days with a top coat before any chipping appears. I will certainly be lusting over many more Ciate nail polishes in the future.

Did you pick up a Ciate nail polish with Marie-Claire?

Products i should use more often

Friday, 1 June 2012

Make up

Do you ever have them products that you forget you even had or neglect, which you actually really love? Well I decided I should start digging some things out which I should use more often. I got my nars larger than life lip gloss in the nars wicked attraction set, and ever since I've worn it about once. It's such a high quality lip gloss and a lovely everyday nude that I should start using it more. 

I lusted over topshop's highlighter in prism for ages, not too sure if you can still get it now though and I've barely used it since I bought it. Nars albatross is my favourite highlight at the moment, but I actually really like this one to give my a really nice pearly glow, whereas albatross is a golden highlighter, it would be nice to use this for a change.

I love my sleek contour kit, the bronzer is perfect for contouring as it's matt and the highlighter is gorgeous and I have no idea why this hasn't been used for so long. Back into my make up bag you go.

Skin care

I'm quite lazy when it comes to exfoliation. I tend not to do it because my liz earle cleanse and polish gently exfoliates when I use that and I don't want to be to harsh on my skin. However, the simple oil balancing facial scrub is really gentle and helps control my oily skin. I think it would be good to get this back into my routine. 

I love the smell of tea tree oil and I really like the idea of it's healing and anti-bacterial properties, especially for problem skin. I didn't find that when I used to use this it actually helped prevent or calm any spots, but it certainly made my skin feel clean and prevent any bacterial build up, nice! For that reason I should start using it again!

Completely forgot I had this from a glossy box, can't remember which one though. I really like the smell and would like to start using it to firm and moisturise my skin. It cost £40 full sized, so it must be amazing right?

Hair care

I love hair care products, I own so many different things it's easy to forget I have certain things. One thing I haven't forgot I had, but neglect due to laziness is my heat protection spray, lee stafford poker straight flat iron protection shine mist, huge name. I'm trying to look after my hair a little more, however, I can't live without heat styling tools so this needs to get used more. It smells lovely and doesn't weigh down my hair or leave it greasy looking, it's perfect.

I've had both the umberto giannini overnight beauty moisture balm and instant leave in conditioner for ages, but just simply haven't been using them. They both make my hair feel and smell amazing, leaving it really conditioned and soft. I forgot how good these were, welcome back into my life.

What product's do you want to use more often or forget you have?

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