Friday, 12 April 2013

I went through my teens with pretty decent skin. But since hit my twenty's my skin has just been awful! And there was me thinking I got away with it! I always have quite a few blemishes, I get rid of them and then a whole new bunch arrive! The thing now is that my skin is extremely sore! It's quite upsetting to be sat there in pain because of your skin. So I've tried so many different skin care routines and spot treatments, but nothing, apart from the origins super spot remover, has worked.

Skinetica is quite popular among bloggers! It contains no harsh chemicals, is non-greasy and really light weight. I have been using this every day on a cotton pad after cleansing for around two months. I apply it pretty much as my toner. It doesn't sting, burn or dry out my skin at all! I notice a slight difference in my skin when I use this, but it is nothing major unfortunately. By morning, my spots are a little smaller. This product hasn't really been preventing break outs unfortunately, but that may be down to other products I've been using though.

Although this product hasn't really worked for me, there are some amazing reviews of it from other bloggers! I am still going to keep using this though just to see if my skin decides to stop being stubborn!

Have you tried this product?

I need to re-take my hair care vows

Sunday, 7 April 2013

My hair most likely hates me. When I got it cut around four months ago we had a really good relationship  He would get deep treatments several times a week, barely any heat and lots of heat protection if I was to use heat. Well things have taken a turn for the worst. Therefore, I need to re-take my hair care vows!

I promise to use a build up removal shampoo once a week
The amount of products I test out on my hair throughout one week is crazy. So I really need to start giving my hair a good weekly cleanse! Boots build up removal shampoo is perfect for that and helps me to not have to wash my hair as often! Also it's apparently just as good as the £20 bumble and bumble sunday shampoo!

I vow to use a deep conditioner every time I wash my hair
I have used a deep conditioner as my normal conditioner for years! My hair just needs something thicker and more moisturising because with it being curly, it's quite dry. But I honestly cannot remember the last time I used one! My hair is getting revenge and looking awful. Well done hair you won!

I promise to use a hair oil everyday
I promise that this hair oil will actually do good, and not contain any silicones! 

Every though I am lazy, I will use a heat protectant every time I use heated tools
This is another thing I used to do every time I used heat without fail. But again, laziness has taken over and I haven't touched a bottle of the stuff since. Just me or does that sound like I am talking about alcohol?

And finally, I promise I will get a hair cut next week (after my friends 21st)
As I mentioned earlier, I haven't had a good hair snip since January. To be honest, I have gone longer! I am one of those people that knows that hair cuts are good and that your hair grows faster after one. But I still hang onto every last strand! But I promise I will get one next week!

I am not alone with all this am I?

Two nars products I have been loving recently

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

 Nars has to be my all time favourite make up brand! From what I have tried, several blushers, highlighters and eye shadows, I have always been impressed with the quality of the products. 

I have wanted this blush for absolutely ages! In the pan, douceur looks pretty boring, a dull, dusty, matte pink. But oh my, how this changes and has fast become my favourite blush shade ever ever! I have read a lot of reviews saying that this blush gives 'super model cheekbones' and it certainly does! It gives so much structure to my face and even makes me look really healthy. I have been wearing this every day, slightly contoured in the hollows of my cheeks, for the past month. Seriously, this blush kicked orgasm's ass out of my favourite blush ever category! 

I am a self-confessed eye shadow addict! Funny considering I never worn it about a year ago! I just love anything neutral and shimmery! I have only one nars eye shadow, and it does not get much use, but I have always wanted this duo (along with many more).  One of the shadows in kalahari can be described as a pearly bronze and the other as a brown taupe shade. They compliment each other so well, yet can be worn alone. These last for ages without creasing and when used with a wet brush can go on really pigmented. 

Do you have a nars obsession? What are your favourites?

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