January favourites

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

I feel that January has been a good month for discovering new products! Good start to the year hey! My first favourite is mac eye shadows in general. But my favourite shades are naked lunch, a subtle shimmery peachy champagne colour, and satin taupe, a silver shimmery taupe. They are the perfect pair and mac eye shadows in general are of such high quality! 

Next up is the much loved origins drink up mask! Now, I admit it has taken me a while to jump on the bandwagon, but I simply did not think my skin needed this mask as it was quite oily. Well my skin decide to get dry, and I mean dry! But this beauty has saved it so much and smells like apricot too!

I love a good body butter, especially a soap and glory one! I got 'butter yourself' for christmas and have been using it ever since! It smells amazing, it contains orange and shea butter. It's really moisturising and softening too, but the scent alone has me hooked! 

Origins super spot remover was always a product I was a little sceptical of. I've tried many 'spot removers' in the past and nothing worked. Admittedly this is not a miracle worker, but it does a pretty good job of stopping a spot getting worse and calming redness.

Last but not least, I have been loving mac's prism blusher. Prism is a matte pinkish brown and is quite subtle and just adds that extra colour to my cheeks. Admittedly it doesn't show up as much as I would have hoped, so quite a bit of product is required to build up more colour.

What have you been loving?

Make up storage

Sunday, 27 January 2013

It's probably no surprise that I store my make up in muji draws! I used to store my make up all thrown into a basket in a random mess. It took me ages to find things and I often forgot I had certain products! Since I got these draws in summer they have seriously changed my daily make up routine (as odd as that is). It just makes grabbing everything so much easier and actually seeing what I have! They actually store a lot more than I initially thought! However, I do need another stack! Maybe I should just stop buying make up? The adorable cotton wool jar is from Abbey's shop, gifts and pieces. She sells the prettiest stuff, honestly check it out! Then the little bird letter holder is off ebay and neatly stores my naked 2 palette!

I need more storage inspiration, send me links of your posts please!

Boots botanics skin relief serum

Sunday, 20 January 2013

So for some very odd reason my skin decided to get super sensitive as of recently. I would constantly have sore, red and itchy skin, particularly when waking up and had no clue why. I bought this serum as it claims to reduce skin sensitivity in two weeks! It's key ingredient to do this is marshmallow, which soothes skin and makes it less reactive, who knew hey! Does this mean drinking lots of hot chocolate with marshmallows in will help too?

The serum is of a super light consistently, a little like caudalie thirst quenching serum, however not as moisturising. In fact it's not really moisturising, but that is okay as that's not what it claims. I apply this after cleansing and toning, but before moisturising and instantly my skin, particularly when irritated, feels instantly soothed and calm. After two weeks use I can say this has definitely got my skin back to normal! I only need to use this maybe once or twice a week now, which is great! My skin is not as red, rough, sore or itchy. This is currently on offer in boots for £4.99, so give it a try if you have sensitive skin maybe!

I may have broke my spending ban (a lot)

Saturday, 19 January 2013

My old camera decided to retire and leave me for good. So I needed to buy a replacement. I have always wanted a DSLR camera but have always been put off by the prices and of course the skill level required to use them. My old camera was just an average 'point and shoot', nothing too fancy. After much searching I decided to take the plunge and buy myself something I could learn to use and would last a long time and hopefully develop into a hobby! I decided on the nikon d3000 and so far so good! There are lots of buttons and strange numbers, but thank goodness for google! I would love some tips if you have any!

My 50 day spending ban starts again today!
 (I don't have much hope after this incident and many others)

Enrapture extremity heated rollers

Thursday, 17 January 2013

 Enrapture extremity heated rollers
(please ignore my disgusting student housing bedroom)

I am a huge, and I mean huge, fan of the Enrapture encode totem styler, so I was delighted and incredibly lucky to have been kindly sent the Enrapture extremity heated rollers to review! Now I've never tried heated rollers before so was super excited to see the results. The way in which these differ from the encode styler, is that they provide much more volume, bouncier and softer looking curls.

You get ten large rollers and ten smaller ones, which means you can create softer, looser curls with the larger ones and tighter ones using the smaller rollers. I tend to either put the larger ones at the top of my hair and the small at bottom/underneath or just use the large ones at the ends. What makes these so unique is that the clips and the rollers both heat up, allowing the clip to lock the curl into place.

The rollers heat up in around five to seven minutes and when your using them they don't burn your hand at all, something I was an little anxious of at first! I found them super easy to apply, even when it was my first time. They sit in really easy, not tugging on your hair and they stay in until they are completely cool. Once they are taken out I do sometimes have one or two marks from the clips, but these can quickly be straightened out. The curls hold all day with the help of some hair spray and are they so bouncy and voluminous! I really like these rollers, they will be perfect for nights or even nice days out and special occasions!

If you think you will love these as much as me you can buy them from boots, john lewis and debenhams for £74.99!

Have you tried these?

I've started a mac eye shadow palette

Saturday, 12 January 2013


After a long time of waiting, I finally started a mac eye shadow palette! I've recently become eye shadow obsessed, funny considering about a half year ago that I never, ever worn them! I'm already in love with this palette, it gets used every day! The eye shadows are all really pigmented, compliment each other nicely and apply super easily! My favourite combo is naked lunch all over the lid and then satin taupe blended in the crease! As you can see my palette is looking very lonely with ten whole empty spaces! So I would love some recommendations to splurge on when I've done my spending ban (which has not been going to well as of recently, try harder kelly!)

What shades should I pop in next?

Out with the old and in with the new

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

So as you probably know I am a huge fan of liz earle skin care products. I religiously used her products for a good year, but recently they have not been agreeing with my skin. I found that my skin was quite red, sore and itchy and was becoming a little more 'problem skin' like. So I decided to shake up my skin care routine to see if that helps.

I've decided to try a few origins products which are good for helping with problem skin, in particular the zero oil cleanser, super spot remover and out of trouble mask. I then bought some products targeted at sensitive skin, the boots botanics sensitive skin relief serum and then aveeno moisturiser, which is also apparently good for eczema, which I have on my face also. 

Fingers crossed these products help my skin! I will review them once I have used them for a good while! 

Please tell me your thoughts on these products!

Little skin care blog sale

Sunday, 6 January 2013

My spending ban has made me realise I own too much stuff I don't use. So I'm selling some bits on here if anyone is interested.

Uk only please
Postage will be £2.50 plus 50p per additional item
Please leave your pay pal email so I can invoice you :)

Soap and glory the daily smooth body butter £4
Used about four times, pretty much full.

Avene cold cream hand cream £3
Used around five times, lots left!

Superdrug vitamin e eye cream £1.50
Only used once!

 Nivea express hydration primer normal/combination skin £2.50
Usage shown, probably used around four times

Liz earle skin repair moisturiser normal/combination skin £8
Usage shown, about 75% left

Body shop cocoa body butter £4
Usage shown, about 85% left

Why I'm looking forward to 2013

Saturday, 5 January 2013


Happy new year guys! If you haven't guessed by the title, I'm super excited for 2013! I'm hoping to graduate, get my first teaching job, get myself a car, move somewhere new, smile more and see more places! One of my resolutions is definitely to buy less and save more and I've decided to do a 50 day spending ban to help me on my way! If that goes well, ill take it to 100 days! I've decided that this year I want to start documenting every single day of my life for the next five years in a one line a day journal. It will be such a lovely thing to look back on and show my achievements, especially as this year should have many!

I would love to know what you are excited about!

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