May favourites

Thursday, 31 May 2012

I don't think there has been a day this month where burts bees lemon butter cuticle cream hasn't been on my nails. The lemon scent is, oh my god, amazing. This has been leaving my skin and nails feeling really soft and moisturised. 

Nars albatross highlighting powder is a new item to my collection, which I've wanted for so long now. It is just really different to my other highlighters I own because this leaves such a lovely golden shimmer to my cheeks. I've been loving wearing this all month, literally everyday, especially with nars orgasm blush.

Peach toned blushers will always be my favourite blush colour and topshop's head over heals really gives the cheeks a lovely peachy flush of colour. I also really like the finish of this blush, as even though it's a cream blush it dries to a powder finish.

Topshop adrenalin nail polish has been on top of nearly every nail colour I own recently. I just really like the different sized flecks of glitter in their and how it catches the light shining a rainbow of  different colours. I must buy more topshop nail polishes, they are amazing!

And finally, figs & rouge lip balm in rambling rose. I received this is my april glossy box and this month, as well as in april, it has been my go to lip balm. I love rose scented products and this has such a lovely scent which you can really smell for ages once it's on the lips. It provides great moisture, however it doesn't last all that long to be honest. Nevertheless the amazing scent makes up for that.

What have you been loving this month?

Wednesday wishlist 012

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

This is a very summery looking wishlist. Since the sun has decided to show (if it lasts), I want to update my wardrobe and make up a little to feel more summery and bright. That Topshop skirt is beautiful and will do the trick, I just love the summery floral colours. How cute are them Paul and Joe blusher sticks? I really want one, but I probably wouldn't use it because I wouldn't want to rub away the extremely cute cat. Can I justify spending over twenty pounds on something cute just to look at? Since essie has made an appearance in drugstores I really want literally every shade, especially the pastel ones. I love the wedge on them wedges, with the colourful feather design, these would look lovely with absolutely anything! 

Hope your all enjoying the lovely sunshine!

L'oreal mythic oil

Monday, 28 May 2012

my hair once mythic oil has been applied 

My hair needs hair oils. Without them my hair looks incredibly dull and feels really dry. I bought L'oreal mythic oil as I heard that it's a great alternative to Moroccan oil, which we all know is very expensive at around £30 per bottle. Mythic oil differs from argan oils as it contains avocado and grape seed oil, which are both packed with vitamins which are great for your hair. This product is a lot thinner than other oils I've tried which makes it light and non greasy on the hair, great if you have fine hair. However, I've found that applying more than one pump to dry hair can make the hair look quite wet, so a little is all that's needed. However, this isn't the case on wet hair. The product has a pump which makes controlling the amount of product dispensed really easy, as you can give a tiny press to get a tiny amount.

This oil has a strong sweet smell which is lovely and really stays on the hair, at times it can be a little over powering though. Once applied to hair, especially dry hair, it leaves the hair looking instantly shiny and less frizzy. I've tried, and am still using Moroccan oil and can therefore say that this is definitely a great and much cheaper alternative. It provides similar results, however I prefer Moroccan oil due to this being much thicker and more nourishing for my dry hair, sorry bank balance, I tried.

Nars albatross highlighting powder

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Bottom picture - close up of swatch when blended into the skin

Nars albatross can only be described as the perfect powder highlighter for me. In the pan albatross looks like a pale frosty yellow, with barely any shimmer present and when swatched it looks like a chalky white powder. However, once applied to your cheek bones it transforms and becomes a beautiful, light catching, golden shimmery shade, which really defines the cheek bones. Trust me on this one, it's beautiful.

A tiny amount of product is all that's needed and it picks up really well onto a brush, without it going everywhere in a huge powdery mess. Due to this being quite a golden shimmery shade I like to apply this before my powder, so it's not too heavy and sets nicely. Currently I've been wearing this with Nars orgasm, and even though they both contain shimmer, they both look amazing together. I seriously can't fault this product, there are no flecks of glitter and the shimmer is perfect and can be toned down if needed. This also makes the perfect brow bone highlighter and highlights the inner corner of the eye when wearing a shimmery smokey eye beautifully. 

If it wasn't for blogging...

Saturday, 19 May 2012

... I'd probably have a lot more money, but I wouldn't have all these amazing products which I now can't imagine life without and would of never thought of purchasing before I started blogging. All the above products have become staples in my collection and are seriously life savers!

Liz earle skin care - how did I ever live without it? My skin loves the stuff. My liz earle skin care routine has really improved my skin, which is an utter nightmare at times. I like to keep my skin care routine the same, and I'm sure i will continue to use these products for a very long time.

Origins ginzing eye cream - this little pot leaves my eyes feeling really moisturised, brightens them, de-puffs, tightens them and reduces redness. All that goodness in one little pot.

Moroccan oil - my utter favourite discovery since blogging, it leaves my hair feeling so soft and shiny and looking really healthy. I know it's very expensive, but I will be forever repurchasing this because it is so worth it. Bank balance forgive me?

John frieda full repair deep conditioner - i've tried a lot of deep conditioners and non of them have really been that great. This one is lovely, and actually makes my hair feels so soft and look really healthy and shiny.

Tangle teezer - my hair can get it's self into a right mess sometimes, so my tangle teezer is a life saver. I don't think i've used another brush since buying this.

Real techniques brushes -  the perfect make up brushes. They are so soft and make make up application so easy and flawless. Good bye to the days of applying make up with what could pass of as a paint brush.

Rimmel wake me up foundation - a blogging hype purchase. I'm a sucker for a hype. This foundation is fantastic, it has the perfect coverage, leaves your skin looking awake, when it really isn't and even better it's from the drug store and costs under a tenner!

Loreal lumi magique primer -  this primer is a keeper. My face just looks so glowy and luminous when I use this. It's a shame it doesn't effect the longevity of my make up, however it does exactly what it says on the bottle.

Collection 2000 lasting perfect concealer -  yet again another blogger hype. Finally a concealer which covers and lasts for hours. Shame the writing on the packaging it's self doesn't last as long.

Tweezerman mini tweezers - tweezers are tweezers, I used to think. But there is something about these tweezers, they plunk even the smallest of hairs and make eyebrow shaping so easy and quick!

MUA heaven and earth palette -  I love this palette, I use it so much and I still can't believe it only costs £4! I would have never thought of buying this if it weren't for blogging.

Nars Orgasm - never mind just this blush shade, nars in general. I would have never considered paying such high prices for make up before, but it's fast become one of my favourite make up brands! Nars orgasm is the perfect shimmery pink, this will never not be in my collection.

Maybelline colour tattoos - as you have probably guessed, I give into a lot of blogging hype! Well there's hype for good reason yeah? I really like these eye shadows, they are super pigmented and there staying power is amazing!

Rimmel stay matte powder - finally a powder that doesn't make me look cakey or like a ghost. I would have never considered buying this before and now it's a daily essential. 


Burt's bees lemon butter cuticle cream

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

My cuticles can be a little bit of a nightmare. They can get really dry, especially in the winter, so I'm always reaching for this product. Burts bees lemon butter cuticle cream isn't really a cream at all, it's like a pressed balm, which just swirl your finger around the tin to pick up the product, rather than scooping it out. This means that a little really does go a long way and this product is a huge 15g! Lemon products are probably not everyone's cup of tea, but I can assure you that this product smells just like a sweet lemon meringue pie and not like lemon cleaning products!

The product is packed with natural ingredients, leaving your cuticles feeling really soft and it's not tested on animals either. Admittedly, it takes a while to do all ten of your nails and keep going back to the tin for more product, but it seriously leaves your skin feeling super soft and smelling amazing, so is worth it. Due to this being like a waxy balm it can leave your skin feeling a little greasy for a couple of minutes while it sinks in, so I tend to apply this before I go to bed to let it sink in. This is one for the 'must repurchase list'.

Adrenalin and prim and proper

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Even though glitter nail polish is a nightmare to take off it's still my favourite type of nail polish. The second I saw adrenalin I just had to get it. I love the fact that the glitter is varied, and not all the same size and shines so many different colours in the light. On it's own adrenalin comes out, with a few coats, as a lovely pinky/purpley glitter colour, just like in the bottle. Prim and proper, the pink polish underneath adrenaline is such a lovely baby pink and I think looks lovely with adrenalin on top, very barbie like! Topshop nail polishes are fast becoming my favourite nail polish brand. They are affordable, have a wide range of beautiful colours and last a good few days without chipping. 

Wednesday wishlist 011

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

 pink topnars deep throat blushloccitane lipstick & zara messenger bag

I could have included a lot more in this wishlist, I just want everything recently and I need to remind myself that my student loan is for food, not clothes, make up and handbags! I really like the colour of the topshop vest and it would just be a really easy top to wear everyday. My nars obsession is growing, I  already have the famous nars orgasm but really want deepthroat, as I feel that colour is more me. Next is the beautiful loccitane Pivoine Délicate Lipstick, I adore the packaging and looking at swatches it makes the perfect pinky nude, it's just everything I want in a lipstick. Then it's the all famous zara bag, which everyone has and probably wants. It's just a lovely bag, and you can never have too many handbags. I really like the way the bag opens and the rose gold detailing.

Tweezerman mini slant tweezers

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

I used to think a pair of tweezers were just a pair of tweezers and that they all did the same job. I'd heard alot about tweezerman tweezers but was never than interested, plus the hefty price tag of around £20 for a full sized pair was way out of my budget. However, when in boots I spotted these and noticed that the price tag was almost half the price of a full sized pair and that the mini tweezers weren't actually that mini at all. So I gave in and purchased some.

The tweezers come with a clear container to protect them against damage, and makes perfect storage for keeping these in your make up bag or handbag. On the back of the packet they came in it says to NEVER drop your tweezers, which to be honest is a little silly considering you don't drop things on purpose. Anyway, these tweezers are certainly worth the money, they pluck even the smallest hairs and since using them I have never plucked or pulled at my skin. These are also the most painless tweezers I've used, because they get such a good grip on the hair you don't have to keep tugging at one stubborn hair for ages. Even though these are mini, I can assure you that they are big enough and really easy to work with and create really nice shaped eyebrows. I will certainly be staying with this brand for a while.

Superdrug vitamin E night cream

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Superdrug vitamin E nourishing night cream

I'm a bit of a skin care junkie and for someone who loves putting on make up so much, you wouldn't think I'd love taking it off and applying creams even more. The Superdrug vitamin E range is so cheap, with everything costing around £2.99, apart from the hot cloth cleanser I think, which costs a little more. Never mind the cheap price tag the products smell of what i'd say is like cocoa butter or some other form of nut, it's seriously a delight!

This product claims to provide twelve hours of moisturisation and leave skin feeling soft and smooth, and I definitely agree. When I wake up after applying this at night my skin just feels amazing! However, this cream is not made for my skin type, as it's for normal/dry skin and I've noticed that if I use too much it can make my skin look quite greasy due to it being quite rich. Therefore I use this cream maybe twice a week, applying a tiny amount in order to add extra moisture and make my skin feel soft. This tub will certainly last me a long time as you get a huge 100ml's and only need a teeny tiny amount each time.

Overall, this is a pretty good cream. It costs only £2.99, smells amazing and leaves the skin feeling so soft! I will definitely use this cream up, however, I won't be repurchasing it as it's not for my skin type and I can live without it. 

L'oréal lumi magique primer

Friday, 4 May 2012

For as long as I can remember I've always preferred to use matt foundations and products in general, but recently I've started to prefer the more awake, dewy and luminous look. I decided to try the L'oréal lumi magique primer and see if that would achieve this look. The product comes out as a pearly white liquid and feels really creamy and moisturising to the touch. The formula contains no specs of shimmer or glitter, which I'm very pleased about. Once blended the product adds so much light and luminosity to the skin, making it look awake and glowing. As mentioned before the product leaves the skin feeling really moisturised so provides moisture as well as luminosity, which to me makes the perfect primer. 

One pump is all that's needed for full face application before foundation is applied. I've tried this on top of foundation and as a highlighter and found that it made my skin a little too white and was difficult to blend in without disturbing the rest of my make up. One thing that may put people off is the smell, it has a  slight hint of sun cream, but it's not over powering and is actually quite a nice sun cream smell, if that exists. I've found that this doesn't make a difference to the longevity of my make up, but this is not what this product claims to do. And it certainly does live up to it's claims of adding light and luminosity to the skin. I'm really pleased with this product, this will remain in my collection for a while.

Have you tried this before, what's your thoughts?

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