Burt's bees lemon butter cuticle cream

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

My cuticles can be a little bit of a nightmare. They can get really dry, especially in the winter, so I'm always reaching for this product. Burts bees lemon butter cuticle cream isn't really a cream at all, it's like a pressed balm, which just swirl your finger around the tin to pick up the product, rather than scooping it out. This means that a little really does go a long way and this product is a huge 15g! Lemon products are probably not everyone's cup of tea, but I can assure you that this product smells just like a sweet lemon meringue pie and not like lemon cleaning products!

The product is packed with natural ingredients, leaving your cuticles feeling really soft and it's not tested on animals either. Admittedly, it takes a while to do all ten of your nails and keep going back to the tin for more product, but it seriously leaves your skin feeling super soft and smelling amazing, so is worth it. Due to this being like a waxy balm it can leave your skin feeling a little greasy for a couple of minutes while it sinks in, so I tend to apply this before I go to bed to let it sink in. This is one for the 'must repurchase list'.


  1. Great review! I love this too x

  2. I love hurts bees, this is such a great products.


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