A product that has saved my skin!

Friday, 22 February 2013

I have always struggled with eczema and have always had to be really cautious of what moisturisers I use. About a month ago my eczema, particularly on my face, got really bad. It was really sore and extremely tight and dry. I have prescription creams to treat it, but they contain steroids, which are not best to use on your face a lot. I read a lot about this aveeno moisturising cream, which is made for dry and sensitive skin, including eczema, so decided to give it a try!

The main ingredient is oatmeal! Who knew that it would be so good for sore skin? Well this cream has made a huge difference to my skin. I still need to use stronger prescribed creams when I have a flare up because this won't calm redness and itching. But it does seriously moisturise my skin! I need to use this cream on my face because I am now becoming sensitive to 'normal' face moisturisers. Of course it does not offer benefits that normal moisturisers do such as brightening properties or anti-aging properties. But I am just happy to find a product that helps my skin feel a little more normal.

Of course you do not have to have eczema to use this cream. It would be just as perfect for really dry skin! I am really pleased I found this product! 300ml's is a huge amount for the price and it can be used as a face or body moisturiser. It has just given me more confidence in my skin!

I really recommend this product if you have eczema or very dry skin!

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My favourite hair oils!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

I never realised how much my hair needs hair oils until I bought my first bottle about a year ago. Ever since I have been hooked and my hair throws a hissy fit if I miss this step out from my routine. I have quite a lot of hair oils and wanted to share with you some of my favourites!

This is quite a recent discovery for me, but it has fast made it into my top favourites. I use this before shampooing, when my hair is wet and when it is dry. It just has so many uses! This oil makes my hair so soft and just coats it in so much shine! It smells divine, a little like butter, which is odd but nice! It's super light weight too and does not leave my hair greasy! I really recommend this oil!

The expensive one! I remember the first day I wore this, it was a sunny day and my hair just looked amazing! No frizz, lots of shine and my curls were enhanced. I thought this product would be my everyday hair oil, until I discovered it contained silicones, boo! My hair loves silicones in the short term, but I don't like the idea of paying so much money for something that isn't as pure as I would have hoped. I only use this when I want my hair to look amazing or it's super windy/humid outside. This probably won't be a repurchase once it's gone!

I remember wanting this oil for so long! I have a love hate relationship with it. I love the shine it gives my hair, but the scent is over powering. It can sometimes look a little greasy/visible in my hair. This oil out of all of them gives the most shine!

I adore this oil! I have naturally curly hair which can get a little fluffy and frizzy. This oil instantly smooths my hair and tames any flyaways. It's really light weight too and leaves my hair soft and shiny, this is probably joint favourite with the extraordinary oil!

Another organix product, I really like their hair oils, they do so many too! I actually prefer this to moroccanoil, my purse is happy! When I use this I find that my hair holds moisture for much longer and as a result is softer and healthier looking! I am not too sure if this contains silicones though!

We all know that nothing repairs hair better than a good hair cut. But truth be told, who likes hair cuts? This oil is best left on over night on wet hair and washed out by morning. It is a pain to apply and you can't even open the door without looking like you haven't washed your hair in years. But, it is so worth it! My hair looks healthy, is shiny and soft once dry! For £2.29 (and the pot lasts ages) I can not recommend this enough!

Maybe if I put all these hair oils together I will end up with a super hair oil?

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