Organix macadamia oil

Sunday, 31 March 2013

I confess, I am a hair oil addict. I have far too many and always want to try the newest one. I have that many that I struggle to pick a favourite. However, this organix macadamia oil is certainly in my top three! 

I have always wanted to try the Macadamia Healing Oil, but was always put off by the price tag of around £30. But this oil contains similar ingredients and only costs around £7! This product seriously moisturises my dry hair and I can put tonnes of this stuff on and it never feels greasy or heavy. It helps to de-frizz and smooth my hair when it is looking a little fluffy and wild. It smells beautiful too! I think I prefer this to the Organix Moroccan Oil, which is saying something because I adore that hair oil too! It just adds much more shine and makes my mane manageable. In terms of long term benefits, I have noticed that my hair is shiner and softer which is a bonus because I haven't noticed any long term benefits with hair oils before.

Headache relief balm

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Anatomical oi! you throbhead headache relief balm* £3.49

A little of a different post from me today but it is on something I suffer with regularly, headaches. I have had regular headaches and migraines for years now and the normal dose of paracetamol just does nothing. I have been trying out the anatomicals head ache relief balm, just applied to my temples and forehead whenever I feel a head ache coming on or just as one has fully kicked it.

It contains natural ingredients such as peppermint oil and is a clear balm. However, it does leave a slight shiny residue. But, I really do not mind because this stuff has been working! Together with paracetamol this little balm has been getting rid of those pesky headaches within half an hour! I am very impressed! 

You can purchase this product, along with their sleep balm, from asos, selfridges and newlook!

What's in my bag?

Monday, 4 March 2013

Handbag - aldo

Say hello to my beautiful new, actually not that new, handbag. I got it for christmas and it is one of them bags you are scared to put on the floor in case it gets dirty, just me? The best thing about getting a new bag is definitely organising it all. So I decided that while it is nice and tidy and not full of wrappers, hair clips and receipts, that I should do this post. My previous what's in my handbag post can be here.

I don't actually carry about that much in my eyes, but my current handbag must have is my one line a day journal. I love the whole concept of writing a couple of lines every day for five years, to document your ups and downs! It will be such a lovely memory book in years to come. Of course my life would be empty without a diary, it is sad how organised I am! I am glued to my ipad mini so that is always in my bag. At the moment my very pretty mittens from dorothy perkins have a home in my handbag, aren't they cute!

Everyone needs a 'bag bag'. I can't stand having loads of lipsticks and clips at the bottom of my bag. My bag bag just makes it so much easier to find things. It is actually pretty empty at the moment. If I had to pick one essential from this bag, it would be the nuxe reve de miel lip balm. Oh boy that stuff is good!

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