life recently has been slightly busy!

Thursday, 30 May 2013


The fact that is it nearly June and I haven't blogged since early april makes me sad. Basically, life got serious around april time. I started my final teaching placement at the end of february, but by april, it had kicked in fully and I was basically the class teacher. So as you can imagine, there was no time for blogging in between all my planning, assessments and worksheet making.

To make matters even harder, I had my dreaded QTS  maths and english skills tests to pass too! The government added lots of pressure by increasing the pass mark and introducing the whole 'three strikes and your out' policy. Frustratingly, I failed my maths test a couple weeks ago by one mark! One mark! But thankfully (and too much surprise) I have passed both now. So I can graduate after all this hard work for three years.

I've also been applying for lots of teaching jobs for september but unfortunately been unsuccessful in quite a few of them. This really knocked my confidence and left me feeling drained. However, that has all changed!

Last friday, I had a successful interview and was offered the position of infants teacher in my placement school! I am over the moon! Literally, everything has fallen into place and I couldn't be more excited to get my own class!

Over summer, I will certainly be getting my blog on again! I've missed it.

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