Win nine Jacava nail polishes

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Jacava  lavender court*, Jacava flammable* and Jacava Montrose place*

This Friday Jacava are laughing a competition on their facebook page where you can win all nine shades of their gorgeous Autumn 2015 Woodlanders collection.

The shades are perfect for Autumn and they apply really easily and only require one coat! Making them last twice as long! 

Head over to their Facebook page to find out more and enter on Friday.

A delightful face mask for my temperamental skin!

Monday, 17 August 2015

Gone are the days where I could experiment with my skincare routine. I have a very strict, slightly boring and simple skin routine these days and I rarely venture with new products. However, I recently decided I wanted a nice face mask to treat my skin to something more.

This mask claims to remove dead skin cells, moisturise and smooth the skin. It is for normal and dry skin, however I have personally found it perfectly fine with my sensitive skin. Once I have used this mask my skin appears brighter, feels softer and feels calm. The oats work as a scrub so as I'm removing the mask I like to rub it around my face in circular motions to scrub away the dead skin.

I apply this once a week during my sunday night pamper and it honestly is so relaxing because the smell just reminds me of breakfast! Weird that that relaxes me, but oh it's just so good! It applies really easily, despite it being a thick mask and washes off easily too, as it does not dry hard. 

Hopefully I can find some other products that work with my sensitive and temperamental skin! Any recommendations?

On the book shelf: Divergent series review (spoilers)

Friday, 14 August 2015

So yesterday I finished the final book in the popular divergent series. I have read the series slowly over a year and have loved every second of these books! The final one certainly bought tears and the ending of the final book has caused a lot of mixed feelings on the internet. 

These books are based around a dystopian society where by people choose to live in certain factions that display certain traits such as bravery, selflessness, intelligence, peace and honesty. We follow the main character Tris as she makes the tough decision as to which faction to choose, as she tries to survive her faction and the relationships she develops. However, not everything goes smoothly and the factions start to fall apart and Tris soon finds out that her whole world was not as she thought it was. 

The books are very easy to read and I quickly become invested in the characters. The first two books (divergent and insurgent) are a lot more fast paced, whereas the third one is a slow burner, but nevertheless very gripping. 

Lets talk about the ending of the final book...
Now if you have read the book, then you will know what happens and boy I was not expecting it. However, I actually liked the ending and found it to be very fitting for Tris' character. Tris dies trying to save the world she has known her entire life and dies trying to save as many people as possible. This is similar to how her mother died; by trying to protect her people. Tris was always brave and heroic and although a happy ending would have been nice where her and Four live in a peaceful world with lots of babies, the ending was perfect for her character. 

You know that feeling where you finish a book/series of books and you wonder how you are ever going to live without them? Well I'm currently going through that. 

Have you read this series? What did you think of the ending?

Long time no blog

Thursday, 13 August 2015

So it has been about two years since I last wrote a blog post. Life just took over. As I left uni things just got a little crazy, but in a good way. I secured my first teaching job and packed up to move to a different part of the country (only to Southport, but that doesn't sound as exciting). My blog was my last priority and with having a flat and grown up things to pay for, make up and all other things I spent copious amounts of money on, were no longer purchased and I didn't have many blog content ideas.

However, two years later I have moved back to Manchester (the seaside did not cut it for me) and I am about to start my third year of teaching at a school I started teaching at last year. I feel much more settled in my career and have plenty more free time and lots of new interests. Therefore, I'm going to give this another go!

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