Win nine Jacava nail polishes

Thursday 17 September 2015

Jacava  lavender court*, Jacava flammable* and Jacava Montrose place*

This Friday Jacava are laughing a competition on their facebook page where you can win all nine shades of their gorgeous Autumn 2015 Woodlanders collection.

The shades are perfect for Autumn and they apply really easily and only require one coat! Making them last twice as long! 

Head over to their Facebook page to find out more and enter on Friday.

A delightful face mask for my temperamental skin!

Monday 17 August 2015

Gone are the days where I could experiment with my skincare routine. I have a very strict, slightly boring and simple skin routine these days and I rarely venture with new products. However, I recently decided I wanted a nice face mask to treat my skin to something more.

This mask claims to remove dead skin cells, moisturise and smooth the skin. It is for normal and dry skin, however I have personally found it perfectly fine with my sensitive skin. Once I have used this mask my skin appears brighter, feels softer and feels calm. The oats work as a scrub so as I'm removing the mask I like to rub it around my face in circular motions to scrub away the dead skin.

I apply this once a week during my sunday night pamper and it honestly is so relaxing because the smell just reminds me of breakfast! Weird that that relaxes me, but oh it's just so good! It applies really easily, despite it being a thick mask and washes off easily too, as it does not dry hard. 

Hopefully I can find some other products that work with my sensitive and temperamental skin! Any recommendations?

On the book shelf: Divergent series review (spoilers)

Friday 14 August 2015

So yesterday I finished the final book in the popular divergent series. I have read the series slowly over a year and have loved every second of these books! The final one certainly bought tears and the ending of the final book has caused a lot of mixed feelings on the internet. 

These books are based around a dystopian society where by people choose to live in certain factions that display certain traits such as bravery, selflessness, intelligence, peace and honesty. We follow the main character Tris as she makes the tough decision as to which faction to choose, as she tries to survive her faction and the relationships she develops. However, not everything goes smoothly and the factions start to fall apart and Tris soon finds out that her whole world was not as she thought it was. 

The books are very easy to read and I quickly become invested in the characters. The first two books (divergent and insurgent) are a lot more fast paced, whereas the third one is a slow burner, but nevertheless very gripping. 

Lets talk about the ending of the final book...
Now if you have read the book, then you will know what happens and boy I was not expecting it. However, I actually liked the ending and found it to be very fitting for Tris' character. Tris dies trying to save the world she has known her entire life and dies trying to save as many people as possible. This is similar to how her mother died; by trying to protect her people. Tris was always brave and heroic and although a happy ending would have been nice where her and Four live in a peaceful world with lots of babies, the ending was perfect for her character. 

You know that feeling where you finish a book/series of books and you wonder how you are ever going to live without them? Well I'm currently going through that. 

Have you read this series? What did you think of the ending?

Long time no blog

Thursday 13 August 2015

So it has been about two years since I last wrote a blog post. Life just took over. As I left uni things just got a little crazy, but in a good way. I secured my first teaching job and packed up to move to a different part of the country (only to Southport, but that doesn't sound as exciting). My blog was my last priority and with having a flat and grown up things to pay for, make up and all other things I spent copious amounts of money on, were no longer purchased and I didn't have many blog content ideas.

However, two years later I have moved back to Manchester (the seaside did not cut it for me) and I am about to start my third year of teaching at a school I started teaching at last year. I feel much more settled in my career and have plenty more free time and lots of new interests. Therefore, I'm going to give this another go!

Murad acne complex kit review after two months

Sunday 4 August 2013

As a teenager, I always got the odd spot here and there, but when I hit my twentys, bad skin kicked in big time! For about a year now, I've suffered with acne. My skin constantly has a lot of blemishes, especially the really painful ones that don't budge and my confidence has just plummeted. I've tried everything, they either make it worse or do nothing.

A while ago, I fell in love with a sample of a murad acne cleanser and about a month ago I thought about looking into purchasing some murad products to try. After all, I may as well not give up my hunt for blemish free skin.

Browsing the website, I was slightly shocked at the prices of the products. Then I came across this acne kit with big claims of clearer skin in three days and completely clear skin after a month. For the price, you get a decent amount of products!

Now has it worked?
I'm just going to get to the point, it has and unfortunately it hasn't. Within three days I did notice that my skin was clearing up and blemishes were getting much smaller. After two months (I made the kit last much longer than 30 days!) my skin is still bad and it hasn't prevented or reduced any scaring. However, it does reduce the size of my breakouts and keeps my skin super clean without drying it, which is good considering the main ingredients are hydrogen peroxide and salicylic acid.

I guess the hunt for clear skin continues!

Not on the highstreet

Thursday 27 June 2013

I have always heard of the online shop not on the highstreet and loved all the personal gifts they do, but I never thought about treating myself to some items. I was very kindly offered to review a few items from not on the highstreet and decided to choose some homeware bits and bobs for my new flat. I was overwhelmed by the choices and uniqueness of the items.

How beautiful is this birdcage tea light holder? I love the distressed paintwork and the cute bird on the top. For £8 this is a real bargain! The glass pot inside makes it super easy to pop a tealight in without damaging the birdcage.

As you can tell, I like candles. This tealight holder also doubles up as a cute little vase for a flower or two. I love the handle with comes with it, which means I can hang it up if I want to!

I spend a lot of time admiring this gorgeous pot (sad I know). The shape and ridges are just beautiful and the pink ribbon really makes it. I have plenty of little trinkets lying around, so this will store them perfectly. It is a really good size too!

This is an iddy biddy vase. I have a thing for little vases which can hold one flower. I like to put them altogether all miss-matched.

Whale of a time print by leelee £15*

Finally, I got this adorable print which I can't wait to put in a frame and hang up somewhere, I'm thinking the bathroom. The print is really high quality and I haven't seen anything similar to it before. I love it!

I'm super impressed with not on the highstreet, I will certainly be going back to purchase some more lovely items for my new flat! I really recommend having a nosey to treat a friend or even yourself!

Adding a splash of pink

Saturday 22 June 2013

Swatches: Revlon just bitten kissable balm in honey douce, dainty doll blusher in 003, technic highlights

Recently I have been embracing my pale skin tone a little more and trying to find products and colours which suit it. Pink is certainly a colour which suits pale skin tones and I have been loving wearing it recently. In particular, I have been really loving the dainty doll cream blusher in 003. It is one of them blushers which doesn't look too exciting in the pan, but once on it is truly beautiful. It instantly brightens up my face and you're not at risk of going overboard with this shade.

Technic highlights is a slightly pinky toned highlighter and is perfect with the dainty doll blusher. I go through phases with highlighters, but I have really been noticing the difference it makes to my face when I wear it recently. I've been loving teaming a pink nail with a pink lip too! Topshop's prim and proper with a coat of the glittery adrenalin over the top has been a favourite of mine recently!

Bourjois healthy mix foundation and healthy mix serum

Monday 10 June 2013

Healthy mix foundation - £9.99

I've always been a little bit of a high end foundation kind of girl, but these two bottles gave some firm favorites of mine a run for their money. Both of these foundations add a serious amount of glow and radiance to my skin, perfect considering my skin is dull and often broke out. I feel that the serum is more glowly than the original foundation though. The serum is targeted towards dry skin, whereas the foundation is targeted towards oily skin. However, I wear either but find that dry patches show more when using the foundation.

In terms of coverage, both offer medium build-able coverage. I would say that the foundation version is a little more higher coverage. They both last on the skin for around eight hours, definitely not living up to the 16hr claim on the serum bottle. However, everyone's skin is different and my skin never really holds foundation that well, even with primer and powder.

Overall, my favourite is probably the serum because it is more luminous and light weight. However, on days when my skin just hates me, I reach for the foundation because of the higher coverage.

Which is your favourite?

A few favourites

Monday 3 June 2013

A favourites post is certainly long over due from me, so  I could have included hundreds of products. These five products have been pretty staple in my daily make up and skin care routines for a while now.

Nars Kalahari eye shadow duo
This is just a beauty, one shade is a bronzey colour and the other a browny taupe. They just complement each other really well and are super easy to apply and blend. They have been my get up and go eye shadow shades for a long time.

Lush ultrabland cleanser
This is a very oily cleanser which just melts make up away. I've been loving it as it is exactly what it says on the tin - ultra bland. It does not irritate my very sensitive skin and a little goes a long way.

Nars Douceur blush
This fast became my favourite blusher. It just lives up to its claims by many bloggers to give you 'super model cheekbones'. If only the rest of my make up looked like a super models, sigh.

Lush eau roma water
Again, another lush product which has been helping my sensitive skin. This rose water toner is just so soothing and helps retain my skins moisture levels!

Rimmel lash accelerator endless mascara 
I read so many great reviews about this mascara when it came out and I love it just as much. It makes my lashes so long and full, it's unbelievable. 

life recently has been slightly busy!

Thursday 30 May 2013


The fact that is it nearly June and I haven't blogged since early april makes me sad. Basically, life got serious around april time. I started my final teaching placement at the end of february, but by april, it had kicked in fully and I was basically the class teacher. So as you can imagine, there was no time for blogging in between all my planning, assessments and worksheet making.

To make matters even harder, I had my dreaded QTS  maths and english skills tests to pass too! The government added lots of pressure by increasing the pass mark and introducing the whole 'three strikes and your out' policy. Frustratingly, I failed my maths test a couple weeks ago by one mark! One mark! But thankfully (and too much surprise) I have passed both now. So I can graduate after all this hard work for three years.

I've also been applying for lots of teaching jobs for september but unfortunately been unsuccessful in quite a few of them. This really knocked my confidence and left me feeling drained. However, that has all changed!

Last friday, I had a successful interview and was offered the position of infants teacher in my placement school! I am over the moon! Literally, everything has fallen into place and I couldn't be more excited to get my own class!

Over summer, I will certainly be getting my blog on again! I've missed it.


Friday 12 April 2013

I went through my teens with pretty decent skin. But since hit my twenty's my skin has just been awful! And there was me thinking I got away with it! I always have quite a few blemishes, I get rid of them and then a whole new bunch arrive! The thing now is that my skin is extremely sore! It's quite upsetting to be sat there in pain because of your skin. So I've tried so many different skin care routines and spot treatments, but nothing, apart from the origins super spot remover, has worked.

Skinetica is quite popular among bloggers! It contains no harsh chemicals, is non-greasy and really light weight. I have been using this every day on a cotton pad after cleansing for around two months. I apply it pretty much as my toner. It doesn't sting, burn or dry out my skin at all! I notice a slight difference in my skin when I use this, but it is nothing major unfortunately. By morning, my spots are a little smaller. This product hasn't really been preventing break outs unfortunately, but that may be down to other products I've been using though.

Although this product hasn't really worked for me, there are some amazing reviews of it from other bloggers! I am still going to keep using this though just to see if my skin decides to stop being stubborn!

Have you tried this product?

I need to re-take my hair care vows

Sunday 7 April 2013

My hair most likely hates me. When I got it cut around four months ago we had a really good relationship  He would get deep treatments several times a week, barely any heat and lots of heat protection if I was to use heat. Well things have taken a turn for the worst. Therefore, I need to re-take my hair care vows!

I promise to use a build up removal shampoo once a week
The amount of products I test out on my hair throughout one week is crazy. So I really need to start giving my hair a good weekly cleanse! Boots build up removal shampoo is perfect for that and helps me to not have to wash my hair as often! Also it's apparently just as good as the £20 bumble and bumble sunday shampoo!

I vow to use a deep conditioner every time I wash my hair
I have used a deep conditioner as my normal conditioner for years! My hair just needs something thicker and more moisturising because with it being curly, it's quite dry. But I honestly cannot remember the last time I used one! My hair is getting revenge and looking awful. Well done hair you won!

I promise to use a hair oil everyday
I promise that this hair oil will actually do good, and not contain any silicones! 

Every though I am lazy, I will use a heat protectant every time I use heated tools
This is another thing I used to do every time I used heat without fail. But again, laziness has taken over and I haven't touched a bottle of the stuff since. Just me or does that sound like I am talking about alcohol?

And finally, I promise I will get a hair cut next week (after my friends 21st)
As I mentioned earlier, I haven't had a good hair snip since January. To be honest, I have gone longer! I am one of those people that knows that hair cuts are good and that your hair grows faster after one. But I still hang onto every last strand! But I promise I will get one next week!

I am not alone with all this am I?

Two nars products I have been loving recently

Wednesday 3 April 2013

 Nars has to be my all time favourite make up brand! From what I have tried, several blushers, highlighters and eye shadows, I have always been impressed with the quality of the products. 

I have wanted this blush for absolutely ages! In the pan, douceur looks pretty boring, a dull, dusty, matte pink. But oh my, how this changes and has fast become my favourite blush shade ever ever! I have read a lot of reviews saying that this blush gives 'super model cheekbones' and it certainly does! It gives so much structure to my face and even makes me look really healthy. I have been wearing this every day, slightly contoured in the hollows of my cheeks, for the past month. Seriously, this blush kicked orgasm's ass out of my favourite blush ever category! 

I am a self-confessed eye shadow addict! Funny considering I never worn it about a year ago! I just love anything neutral and shimmery! I have only one nars eye shadow, and it does not get much use, but I have always wanted this duo (along with many more).  One of the shadows in kalahari can be described as a pearly bronze and the other as a brown taupe shade. They compliment each other so well, yet can be worn alone. These last for ages without creasing and when used with a wet brush can go on really pigmented. 

Do you have a nars obsession? What are your favourites?

Organix macadamia oil

Sunday 31 March 2013

I confess, I am a hair oil addict. I have far too many and always want to try the newest one. I have that many that I struggle to pick a favourite. However, this organix macadamia oil is certainly in my top three! 

I have always wanted to try the Macadamia Healing Oil, but was always put off by the price tag of around £30. But this oil contains similar ingredients and only costs around £7! This product seriously moisturises my dry hair and I can put tonnes of this stuff on and it never feels greasy or heavy. It helps to de-frizz and smooth my hair when it is looking a little fluffy and wild. It smells beautiful too! I think I prefer this to the Organix Moroccan Oil, which is saying something because I adore that hair oil too! It just adds much more shine and makes my mane manageable. In terms of long term benefits, I have noticed that my hair is shiner and softer which is a bonus because I haven't noticed any long term benefits with hair oils before.

Headache relief balm

Saturday 23 March 2013

Anatomical oi! you throbhead headache relief balm* £3.49

A little of a different post from me today but it is on something I suffer with regularly, headaches. I have had regular headaches and migraines for years now and the normal dose of paracetamol just does nothing. I have been trying out the anatomicals head ache relief balm, just applied to my temples and forehead whenever I feel a head ache coming on or just as one has fully kicked it.

It contains natural ingredients such as peppermint oil and is a clear balm. However, it does leave a slight shiny residue. But, I really do not mind because this stuff has been working! Together with paracetamol this little balm has been getting rid of those pesky headaches within half an hour! I am very impressed! 

You can purchase this product, along with their sleep balm, from asos, selfridges and newlook!

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