Wednesday Wish List 001

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

1. Topshop Zebra Lace Embellished Top
The second I saw this top on one of my many 'internet window shopping' adventures, with absouletly no money to my name, I straight away thought of how lovely this would be to wear at christmas. The colours are very me, I love pale colours and tend to shy away from bold bright items of clothing, making this top perfect.

2. River Island Cream Cable Pom Pom Leg Warmers
It is getting too cold for my liking. I always look forward to winter but then I remember the harsh reality of being freezing, soaking wet and completely windswept and then can't wait to see the back of it. These leg warmers would look so cute over some brown boots, I love the pom poms too although in reality they would probably annoy me while walking and end up tucked into my boots by the time I even got out the door.

3. Benefit They're Real Mascara 
I'm a mascara addict. I've tried them all and will always be searching for that one better than the last. My current favourite, and it has been for years now is Mabeline colossal mascara. I really want to try this mascara.

4. Benefit Erase Paste
As well as being a mascara addict I am always on the hunt for my favourite concealer. A lot of people have spoke highly about this and I've wanted it for a while but never got round to getting it. Recently I've been wanting it more than ever, may have to give myself an early christmas treat!

5. Topshop Nails in Nice 'n' Neutral
I love this colour and am yet to try any topshop nail polish, this will definitely be the first colour I try. I adore all of Topshops make up packing.

6. Accessorize Oxford Structured Satchel
A girl can never have too many bags. I love the colour, the style, the buckles, just everything about this bag.

Forgot About You

Friday, 25 November 2011

I love them moments when your pottering about the house and you find something you forgot you had. Well this happened to me the other day when I found my Hollister hand and body cream hiding down the side of my wardrobe.

If you have never seen or at least smelt the Hollister creams and perfumes I suggest you do as they are beautiful and you will be most likely temped to buy them all, the packing is really pretty too  which is always a bonus.

Is it just me though or do you love the smell of the actual Hollister shop? This cream smells just like it and I'm shocked that I didn't notice that it was missing. I am now reunited with my favourite hand cream, Hollister Laguna beach, and it hasn't been out of my sight since.

My Amazing Find

Friday, 18 November 2011

So I was just in boots just about to buy my meal deal and at the till I spotted this, a crème brûlée Vaseline! I got too excited and just had to buy it. I don't usually like Vaseline only because I prefer to have flavoured lip products and am head over heals in love with carmex! But I love this and am quite disapointed that it's limited edition, may have to stock up and fast. It has a lovely vanilla scent and the tin looks really cute and above all soothes and prevents dry chapped lips.

Miracle Conditioners

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Umberto Giannini: Overnight beauty moisture balm (left)
Umberto Giannini: Instant beauty silky soft leave-in conditioner (right)

I have had the overnight beauty moisture balm for a while now and I'm always trying out deep conditioners for my extremely dry hair and my friend told me to try an overnight conditioner, so off to Boots I went. Over in the hair care section this product just stuck out on the shelf, the packaging is just so pretty, so I grabbed it and decided to give it a shot. 

First of all both products smell beautiful, it's quite difficult to describe smells but they smell like a really expensive conditioner. The overnight beauty moisture balm is applied to the hair at night and left in until the morning where you wash it out. I found that I needed a lot of conditioner, but I do have very thick hair. I wouldn't advice leaving the house with this in your hair as it looks like you haven't washed you hair in weeks. But I just pop it in and tie my hair up when in the house. Once the product is washed out it leaves hair soft, moisturised, shiny and smelling great. 

Only problem is this product is not good for a quick fix so I decided to purchase the instant beauty silky soft leave-in conditioner (quite a mouth full) to use on my hair when it's having a dry day. This product works best when applied to just washed wet hair but I have used it on dry hair when it's not doing as I want. Once applied hair looks shiny and feels hydrated! 

Definitely excited to try more of Umberto Giannini products out.

Topshop higlighter in prism

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Feel's like I haven't posted in a while, it's only been about a week but just feels forever. But i've been so busy with uni that I haven't had chance to post anything. Been on my teaching placement so been in school five days a week and spending my evenings doing paper work.

Anyway's, I've recently bought a Topshop cheek highlighter and have been using it quite abit now. I love the packaging on all Topshop make up it's really pretty and stands out. Not like my lovely white packaging has stayed white once my foundation covered hands were all over it. The pictures were taken before I used the product.

I rarely use a highlighter, but I wanted to try something different, so this is the reason this caught my eye, and now I see the love people have for highlighters. This product comes out as a light creamy shimmery colour and really catches the light, highlighing the cheek bones really nicely. However It didn't last for as long as I would of hoped, definitely needed a top up throughout the day and it needed a little blending before I was pleased with the result. I will be trying out more Topshop make up, the nail varnishes look lovely and there's some really pretty colours.

What's your favourite Topshop make up product?

Rusk: Deep Shine Oil

Saturday, 5 November 2011

What they say
'Deepshine Oil is a marine mineral-enriched argan oil treatment that smoothes the cuticle, eliminates frizz, and improves elasticity and hydration, leaving hair soft, silky and manageable'

How to use
Put a few small drops of oil onto either wet or dry hair to protect from heat styling, manage frizz and add shine. You can also add a three drops into your hair dye mixture to enhance shine, seal the hair cuticle and prevent your colour fading for longer.

I use this product when my hair is looking dull and has out of control frizz. What so great about it is that you only need a small amount and it makes your hair feel so soft and look so shiny. I am yet to use it with my hair dye treatment but might have to give it a try as my hair dye literally washes out after about a week! This product can be a little pricey at about £15 but its worth it as it lasts so long and actually works!

Dry Hair Problem Solved

Thursday, 3 November 2011

What it claims to do - 'intensely conditions to help restore the visible signs of replenished hair'

First of all, I am going through a very dry, dull and totally not shiny hair phase . No matter what I do my hair always looks desperate for moisture and full of spilt ends. So after seeing Cheryl Cole's beautiful shiny, moisturised hair on every advert and bill board across the country I decided to give it a try. 

This hair masque is supposed to be used on wet hair after shampooing and left on for about 1-2 minutes. I decided that I would leave it in for longer (20 minutes longer) as I don't even leave my conditioner in for 2 minutes never mind a deep treatment hair masque. As I went to wash it out, my hair was tangle free, which is a miracle for my hair type and felt so soft. When my hair was dry it looked healthier, shiner, and tangle free on top of smelling beautiful. 

I would recommend this to anyone who has hard to manage hair or fancies a little tlc.

Getting Festive in November

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

It may only be the beginning of November and a little bit early to be posting about christmas buys but who cares. I couldn't help but buy this pretty make up bag from Primark and it was only a couple of pounds. As well as it being very 'christmasy' it's very easy to keep clean.  It has lots of space too to store your make up essentials this winter.

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