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Friday, 22 February 2013

I have always struggled with eczema and have always had to be really cautious of what moisturisers I use. About a month ago my eczema, particularly on my face, got really bad. It was really sore and extremely tight and dry. I have prescription creams to treat it, but they contain steroids, which are not best to use on your face a lot. I read a lot about this aveeno moisturising cream, which is made for dry and sensitive skin, including eczema, so decided to give it a try!

The main ingredient is oatmeal! Who knew that it would be so good for sore skin? Well this cream has made a huge difference to my skin. I still need to use stronger prescribed creams when I have a flare up because this won't calm redness and itching. But it does seriously moisturise my skin! I need to use this cream on my face because I am now becoming sensitive to 'normal' face moisturisers. Of course it does not offer benefits that normal moisturisers do such as brightening properties or anti-aging properties. But I am just happy to find a product that helps my skin feel a little more normal.

Of course you do not have to have eczema to use this cream. It would be just as perfect for really dry skin! I am really pleased I found this product! 300ml's is a huge amount for the price and it can be used as a face or body moisturiser. It has just given me more confidence in my skin!

I really recommend this product if you have eczema or very dry skin!


  1. This sounds lovely...albeit the oatmeal bit sounds odd! I have bad eczema, but it's not on my face, so I can get away with using the steroid creams. If it makes its way to my face, I know here i'll go for help! Thanks for the review :) x

    Laura x

  2. This sounds lovely! I suffer from eczema every now and then so this sounds perfect. Oatmeal is actually great for dry skin! Try the Lush oatmeal mask :)
    Carissa xx
    Vanilla Crush Blog

  3. This sounds like a miracle moisturiser :) I have sensitive skin too, I get eczema in patches on my body and can get very irritated and itchy dry skin for no apparent reason. I may have to give this a go! It sounds like it would be ideal as a body moisturiser for me xx

  4. I use their hand cream for when my hands are chapped in the winter and it really is fab. Just found your blog and have subscribed.


  5. I also suffer from eczema and I've had a recent flare up on my nose (yup, just my nose, haha!) and none of my prescribed creams are helping at all. Really annoying as the dryness shows up even more when I add foundations. Really glad I found this review, this cream sounds like a definite must try!

    Kelsey xx


  6. I've tried their moisturizer but I didn't know it was good for eczema. I have some eczema on my legs, I use the prescribed creams but I have been wanting something natural for a while. Thanks for the review! :)

  7. My eczema has flared up recently as well on my legs, I might try and find this somewhere.
    Great post, I'm a new follower :)
    Samantha x


  8. Looks like a great product Im following, please check out my blog! xxxx

  9. I've been using this on my legs for my eczema and it's really helped them out a lot! I can now where skirts and dresses again because of this product:D

    Tiggy <3
    Beauty Challenged

  10. I have really dry skin so I'm tempted to try this

    A little bit Unique


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  12. Thank you so much for this post! I have eczema too and my face has been really dry recently and nothing seemed to be helping, so after reading this I went out and bought the Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturising Lotion with Shea Butter and it's worked like a charm! xXx

  13. I think I'll look into this at some point, thanks for the post! With regards to use of steroid cream, my GP told me a couple of weeks back that it's safe to use it on the face but for no longer than 10day cycles x


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