Tweezerman mini slant tweezers

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

I used to think a pair of tweezers were just a pair of tweezers and that they all did the same job. I'd heard alot about tweezerman tweezers but was never than interested, plus the hefty price tag of around £20 for a full sized pair was way out of my budget. However, when in boots I spotted these and noticed that the price tag was almost half the price of a full sized pair and that the mini tweezers weren't actually that mini at all. So I gave in and purchased some.

The tweezers come with a clear container to protect them against damage, and makes perfect storage for keeping these in your make up bag or handbag. On the back of the packet they came in it says to NEVER drop your tweezers, which to be honest is a little silly considering you don't drop things on purpose. Anyway, these tweezers are certainly worth the money, they pluck even the smallest hairs and since using them I have never plucked or pulled at my skin. These are also the most painless tweezers I've used, because they get such a good grip on the hair you don't have to keep tugging at one stubborn hair for ages. Even though these are mini, I can assure you that they are big enough and really easy to work with and create really nice shaped eyebrows. I will certainly be staying with this brand for a while.


  1. I really need to invest in some, I want HD brows done so may hold off till I've done that.

  2. I swear by Tweezerman tweezers and I always opt for the minis I personally think they do the same job as the larger having experienced the larger too at a fraction of the cost. I know some people will say they are only a pair of tweezers but everyone should invest in a good pair. Your eyebrows will thank you for it!

    Beckys Makeup

  3. Ive heard such good things about tweezerman tweezers.. this may have just persuaded me to buy a pair :)


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