2012 favourites!

Monday, 31 December 2012

2012 has been my 'main chunk of my blogging life', so I have discovered so many lovely products!
It was hard to narrow this down, but the products here are just my absolute favourites from this year!

 2012 make up favourites

This has been my most used eye shadow palette of 2012.
I just love the quality, the lasting time, the shades and the price.
This is a real staple in my make up collection

This has been a recent discovery, but I've found my all time favourite foundation!
My skin is dull, often dry and red from eczema and has a couple blemishes (lovely).
But this foundation covers it all and makes my face look so glowly!

I have loved this blush for a long time.
It's just an easy to wear gorgeous shimmery peach.

Elf tickled pink blush
Another blush favourite, this time from elf (the purse is happy)
I really like the colour of this, just a subtle, everyday, light matte pink.
The quality for the price is unbelievable!

As I mentioned earlier my skin isn't in the best condition.
This concealer covers everything, it's amazing
It's perfect for my handbag, covers dark circles without caking and leaves such a natural finish.

2012 hair care favourites

Only a few hair care favourites from the year, but honestly these are amazing products! 
I've tried a lot of hair products and they have been good, but these are really really good!

I don't even have coloured hair so can't comment on this extending the life of my hair colour.
But, this has given my hair so much shine! 
It's a really quick fix for out of control, dull and frizzy hair!
It's leaves my hair super sleek and full of life!

Aussie take the heat deep treatment
This is the hair mask my hair has been waiting for!
It's just so thick and creamy and really moisturises my hair deeply.
It leaves it really soft and manageable too!

L'oreal elvive extraordinary oil
Quite a recent discovery, but it's my favourite oil!
Even over moroccanoil (something I thought I'd never say)
It just ticks all the right boxes, moisture, shine, smells good, controls frizz, the lot!

2012 everything else favourites

Soap and glory sugar crush body scrub
Probably my nicest 'scent' discovery of 2012!
It just reminds me of lime coke and it's a fab exfoliator!
(I actually only just tired soap and glory for the first time this year, I'm hooked!)

Body shop body butters
In general, I've been loving the body shop body butters!
I use them everyday to moisture and make my skin smell delightful.
Almond and cocoa have been my faves!

Liz earle super skin concentrate
I love liz earle skin care products, they are just so natural.
This oil has sorted out some pretty bad dry phases and even oily ones!
It has a relaxing scent and makes my skin look fresh and plump!

Nuxe reve de miel lip balm
For so long I suffered with dry, chapped and sore lips.
Until I took the plunge this summer and bought this!
It's been on my lips everyday since I got it!

Juicy couture viva la juicy perfume 
I'm a huge fan of very sweet smelling scents.
This is just one of them!
I adore this perfume, it's become one of my favourites!

So there we go, my 2012 favourites!
I'm excited to see what I discover throughout 2013!


  1. Looks like you've loved some great things! Definately want to try some of them out:)xo

  2. definitely agree with loads of your 2012 faves.....great minds think a like!!! :)


    1. they do indeed :) they are fab products arent they!

  3. Lovely picks :-) MUA Heaven and Earth Palette was my fav too <3 xx

    1. i love it! so happy that its so cheap too!

  4. My favourites are so so similar to yours! I adore the YSL foundation, The Body Shop body butter and the L'oreal oil. Some lovely picks!


    1. the foundation is a life saver :) thanks!

  5. I love sugar crush, currently trying the body wash and it smells exactly the same :) x

    1. once ive used up all my other body washes this is on my list :)

  6. So many of my fave products here :)
    I love anything Soap and Glory, but haven't had chance to try the sugar scrub yet - I really want to!
    emmerliejay x

    1. me to, such good quality products! they are all huge too! oh it smells beautitful!

  7. I've only just bought the Heaven and Earth palette - my local Superdrug finally got a decent MUA stand!!xx

  8. We definitely have a lot of similar favourites :) I have a tub of Sugar Crush just waiting to be dived into, and I love the MUA palettes. I really want to get that Benefit blusher, it looks so so pretty! xo

    1. the blusher is beautiful :) alot of people have been saying that too! shows how good the products are :)

  9. I love viva la juicy too! It was definitely the fragrance I wore the most this year :D

  10. i really need to try a mua palette and soap and glory product during 2013 :)

  11. Great products hun. Sugarbomb looks gorgeous and I'm saving my boots points for it.

  12. ¸.•°♡♡⊱彡


    Ƴ░Є░ƛ░Ʀ░ !


  13. That foundation looks so good! And the Soap and Glory body Scrub is awesome! And quite cheap, which is fantastic! :)


  14. I tried one of the other types of Aussie 3 Minute Miracle - I think it was for weak hair or something? They are SO good! I really want to try the L'Oreal extraordinary oil too once I've worked through my hair oil stash :-) Lovely post!

  15. Ooh so many lovely products! I'd love to try them all xoxo <3

  16. I love the boy shop body butters too, great post x

  17. aussie is really amazing! x

  18. I love Benefit Sugarbomb - it is gorgeous on! :)
    LaceyLoves x

  19. I like the look of that MUA palette and I think I need the Loreal oil in my life!

    Great post!

    xx Christal xx



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