If it wasn't for beauty boxes...

Thursday, 15 November 2012

I've been subscribed to beauty boxes for just under a year now.
But recently I unsubscribed due to no longer feeling like I was getting my monies worth.
However, I have found some lovely products which I would happily repurchase and wouldn't have discovered if it wasn't for beauty boxes!

Skin care products

These were probably my favourite items to receive in a beauty box!

This is just the perfect product for dehydrated skin!
Admittedly my skin doesn't get that dehydrated but when it does this sort it out!
It's so light too, perfect for my oily skin!

This has become my perfect on the go lip product!
It's really hydrating, sorts out chapped lips and smells heavenly.

I don't know how this does it but it just clears breakouts so fast!
I normally use this after my liz earle cleanse and polish on certain areas of my face.

Hands down the best exfoliator ever.
It has no beads, no grains, nothing. Yet it clears every pore!

Pretty packaging, hydrating and smells lovely!
I really like the formula too, it's very light on the lips.

Make up

To be honest I haven't found that many make up items in beauty boxes that I've been excited about
However, I do really like these two products!

This leaves my face feeling super soft and makes my make up go on really smoothly.
It also helps a little with the appearance of my pores!

This was a great find!
It gives me such defined, voluminous, long lashes without any clumps!

Hair products

I have quite difficult hair to manage, so I'm always hunting for hair products to make my life easier!

Quite possibly my favourite beauty box item ever!
This little beauty controls frizz, adds shine, moisture and makes my hair look so healthy!

Possibly the nicest smelling hair product ever!
I really like how soft and manageable this makes my hair feel!
It's a shame it's difficult to get hold of!

This has so many benefits for your hair and it really shows!
It protects from heat damage, de-tangles, adds shine and controls frizz (and more!)

What's been your favourite beauty box finds?


  1. I received the collection primed and ready this month and already I love it and use it everyday!! People really slate beauty boxes but I dont believe that there hasnt been one product which they dont like!! xox

    1. it's really good isn't it! that's good! sometimes i was a little disappointed but i only ever got one or two items i wasn't keen on x

  2. I got a beauty box once but I thought the same thing and quickly unsubscribed. It looks like you've had some really great things though!:)xo

    1. that's a shame :( yeah i did so i'm quite glad! i'm sure if i continued to be subscribed i would still find some gems!

  3. I have never subscribed to beauty boxes - I don't know where I have found the will-power not to though, having seen all the lovely products people receive! There are just so many to choose from, and they do seem to be a bit hit and miss.
    Great post, I will have to go and check out some of these beauts - especially the Redken Radiant 10 as I usually find hair products to be such a let-down -keen to put this one to the test!
    Mel x


    1. i agree! it depends all on peoples preferences of what they like to receive too i guess!
      it's an amazing product! my favourite find :)

  4. Too bad we don't have beauty boxes in Portugal, I would love to try on new products every now and then :(

    1. aww that's a shame :( hopefully one day! x

  5. I dont subscribe to any boxes anymore but I've found a few gems.I agree about the murad cleanser,its amazing x

    1. fab isn't it! how does it do it? it's just amazing!

  6. I really wish I'd been able to try the Caudalie.
    I've unsubscribed to my Beatuy boxes, but I think the best thing I got was a Deborah Lipman polish!


    1. i love it! i don't need it that often so i don't know for definite if i would repurchase, but i would recommend it if your skin gets dehydrated!

      i got one of them two, can't wait to crack it out again at christmas :D

  7. i`ve got uniq one, love it, a must have for every girl who needs to control fizzy hair

  8. I totally agree on the Redken product, i guess you also got it from She Said? I've been so tempted to repurchase, such a good product! This was really interesting to read :) xx


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