Elf cream eye liner

Thursday, 26 January 2012

When it comes to eye liner I always reach for my Maybelline liquid line definer and have done for years. I decided I wanted to try out a cream eye liner and purchased elf's cream eye liner in black at £3.50 from their website. The eye liner pot comes with an angled mini brush in which you use to apply the product and to be honest it is a pretty decent brush. Usually I prefer to use my own brushes instead of the ones provided with the product but the angled brush is perfect for creating winged eye liner. 

I made sure that I tested out this product on a day that I knew I wasn't going anywhere as I had a horrible feeling that I would struggle to neatly apply it or that the product just wouldn't be that good. I was wrong, the product was so easy to apply and came out as a really jet black colour in just one stroke. I wouldn't   really say that the product had a creamy texture to be honest, it's quite hard and compact. I suppose if it was really creamy it would run and smudge and be quite a disaster. Overall I am really impressed with this product, it lasts all day, the brush is decent and it's really easy to apply. I would recommend this to anyone who already loves cream eye liners or basically wants to try something a little different from their normal eye liners and not break the bank.

Have you tried any of the elf cream eye liners? What other cream eyeliners would you recommend?


  1. I've never tried elf, full stop. I really need to, everyone's raving about it :) I like Topshop's makeup range atm for eyeliners

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  2. Great Blog! You have a new follower for sure
    Katie xx

    Dreaming of forever,

  3. i have this same liner in midnight blue. it's gorgeous! the amount you get for the price is awesome. just followed you :)can't wait to read more

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  4. elf looks like a really good brand always see it on blogs wish it was easy to get hold of in england as i dont like ordering online

  5. ooo id really like to try this! lovely blog by the way xx

  6. I have this in brown an really like it and also found the brush to be good too. Some elf products are brill x


  7. I use MAC's Blacktrack Fluidline but this looks great too :)


  8. I haven't tried any of the ELF make-up products, I've only just recently bought two of their brushes which I'm really impressed with. My MAC fluidline gel eyeliner is on it's way out...I may just buy this to try out :) thanks for sharing! xx


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