Wednesday Wishlist 005

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Currently going through a 'I want it all and I want it now phase' when really I can't have it all now. However I've been very good with my money recently and not managed to spend any of my student loan on 'un-needed things', so I'm quite proud. Here's a list post of things I've been wanting lately. 

I love the Topshop dress, the back is just gorgeous and really girly and you can never have too many black dresses. The wedges would look really cute with it too, even though me and heels don't go well together I still want them. They can be my 'sitting down shoes'. The belt really caught my eye from Topshop also, I really like the colour and seems like one of them belts that goes with anything. Loving the nude nail polish from models own, I'm a very nude and light pink coloured sort of person so this would be perfect. Finally Dove's nourishing oil care treatment, read a few good reviews about this product and I'm always trying deep conditioners and hair treatments.



  1. Nude beige is a must :) I picked up that glittery belt a few days ago, thought it was a bit steep at £12 for a belt but I wanted it so bad haha, and it's so pretty how it sparkles!



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