Moroccan Argan Oil

Friday, 13 January 2012

Ever since seeing Moroccanoil on other peoples blog's I've been dying to get my hands on one, the only thing that put me off was the price, I wasn't prepared to pay £30 for around 100mls of product. While in boots a couple weeks ago I spotted this 'Organix Moroccan Argan Oil' and at around £7 for the same amount of product as Moroccanoil and I just had to buy it.

I have quite dry, hard to manage hair with some damage from heat styling and deep conditioners alone weren't helping to improve the condition of my hair and loads of people have been suggesting that I try an oil. The product claims to 'help to moisturise, revive and create softness and strength while helping protect your hair from harmful styling heat and UV damage'

The oil it self doesn't have the nicest of scents, it has a slight smell of after shave, which is quite strange but when I mean slight, I do mean only a tiny bit. Once it's on your hair you can't smell it at all, but it would of been nice if it had a nicer more floral scent maybe?

The only let down with this product is the packaging design. The oil comes out of a rather large whole and you end up with a little too much product, however if your careful this can be avoided and a little really does go a long way. 

To the important stuff, does it actually work? It does, it actually makes my hair look shiner, healthier, feel softer and makes it easier to manage. It's amazing, I love it and use it every day and  I'm so glad that I haven't blow all my money on the actual Moroccanoil. However there is still a little part of me that wants to try it.



  1. You have the same thoughts as me haha, I thought morrocan oil seemed so expensive and looked at trying this, but decided to buy only a small bottle of morrocan oil to try before I blew 30 quid on something that wasn't that special the smaller sized one is like 12 pounds, just waiting for my order to try it xx

  2. I bought the £12 bottle to try it out as like you didn't want to shell out £30+ but it is amazing that I will be buying a big bottle when it runs out. It does last along time though I've had my little bottle for 2 months and still got 1/3 left. X


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