Maybelline gel liner

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

I've worn eye liner everyday now for a few years and have always stuck to my beloved Maybelline line definer liquid eye liner, until it recently ran out and Superdrug had none left. So I decided to give the Maybeline gel liner a try, as it was on offer and I had recently bought the elf cream eye liner (review here), which I love and it's a similar concept expect this is a gel, rather than a cream. 

The packaging is lovely, a frosted glass pot with a sliver screw on lid, great for something from the high street. It also comes with a brush which is quite decent, it does get a little hard when the eye liner is dried in but nothing a quick wipe can't sort out. The brush makes application really easy and smooth and the product goes onto the brush really easily too. 

When swatched the eyeliner is a jet black colour, however when on it does not resemble this at all, it's much more faded and quite matt. It claims to last for 24hours, well I never believe these dramatic claims anyway, as they are a bit drastic and I've never personally found anything that lasts that long. Honestly, the product doesn't even last a few hours without transferring onto your lid and fading. A primer really does help it stay in place though, but if you have oily skin you may have a few problems, even if it does claim not to transfer.

If I was to compare this with the elf cream eye liner, i'd definitely say I prefer the elf one, it just lasts so much longer and achieves a really dramatic look. Overall though it is a decent eye liner if worn with a primer and you can achieve a darker black by just adding two coats. However this doesn't live up to my beloved Maybelline line definer and elf cream eye liner. I'm currently searching high and low for this product though, as after taking pictures of it it decided to disappear on me, don't you just hate that!

Read a few mix reviews on this product, would love to know your thoughts


  1. This has been on my wish list for a while now but I have never gotten a chance to pick it up!


  2. I have definitely seen some mixed reviews :) x

  3. I keep meaning to try this xx

  4. i love the frosty glass packaging, nice review hun. i love maybelline! xx
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  5. The UK packaging for that is so much nicer than the packaging here in the US. I love the frosty little jar! Love your blog :)


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