Glossy box catch up: february and march

Sunday, 18 March 2012

February box

Quite late with these posts and you have probably already seen what's inside, but I wanted to post my thoughts on my boxes and besides I quite enjoy doing these posts anyway. I love both boxes and I honestly can't pick a favourite between them, they are both my top two favourite boxes so far.

Dr Bronner lavender hand sanitiser - admittedly I got a little excited seeing this, hand sanitiser is a handbag must for me and the bottle and the fact it was lavender scented was very appealing. However I really don't like the smell, I did for a second when it smelt of lavender, but then it went into a liquorice smell for some strange reason, and I hate liquorice!

Becca beach tint in watermelon - this smells so beautiful and not like a 'cheap' smelling watermelon product. It leaves long lasting colour to both the checks and lips, love it! Swatch below.

BM beauty eye shadow - never heard of this brand before but quite like the colour I got and it's suitable for vegetarians and vegans so perfect for me as I am one. Swatch below.

Como Shambhala shower gel - smells gorgeous and foams really well, a little goes along way too.

Awapuhi wild ginger treatment oil - I'm a sucker for hair products, especially hair oils and this left my hair feeling lovely.

March Harrods edition box

Was extremely excited when I heard about this box and it has definitely lived up to the high standards  I was expecting. I will be, and am getting use out of every product in here.

Bliss blood orange and white pepper body butter - at first I thought this sounds awful and what an earth is a blood orange and most of all that I hate pepper. However, I was wrong, this smells beautiful and has such a strong fresh orange scent, and the size of the product is great. I love the packaging too, this is one for the handbag.

Vanitas Versace - I was not expecting to open the box and find a mini bottle of this, this made such a difference from just getting a sachet of perfume or a little tube and it's a lovely scent.

Clarins extra firming body cream - another lovely product however I can't really comment on the claims to restore youth and skins elasticity due to my age and not really needing these products just yet.

Lancome Juicy tubes in toffee - oh my gosh, amazing. The second you open it the smell just fills the air, such a sweet smelling toffee. It's a beautiful golden shimmery colour too and the toffee smell lasts for as long as it's on. This is definitely without a doubt going to be a repurchase of mine, swatch below.

Revive intensite creame lustre - another product for ageing skin, however it's actually a nice moisturiser which leaves the skin soft, so I will be using this.

Swatches from both boxes
Left to right - Lancome juicy tube, Becca beach tint & BM beauty eye shadow.


  1. The lancome juicy tube looks gorgeous xx

    1. honestly it's amazing, smells so tasty and leaves such a nice shimmery colour to the lips! x

  2. This makes me want to join a box subscription but don't have any here. I love the shade of the lancome gloss!


  3. i LOVE glossy box im going to subsribe :) sooo cool xx

  4. I really lke the shade of the eye-shadow, don't know if I'm brave enough to pull it off though! x


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