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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Left to right: buffing brush, stipping brush and foundation brush

Thought I would do a post to let you know my thoughts on which real techniques brush I prefer to use for foundation and why. I posted about the core collection (here) and the stippling brush (here) if you want to read about them in more detail.

Personally, my favourite brush to use for full foundation application has to be the buffing brush which comes as part of the core collection. The brush bristles of the buffing brush compared to the stipping brush are much more densely packed, which makes application of foundation much quicker. I've found with using both the stippling and buffing brush that I use less foundation, which is great! In terms of finish I feel that both the buffing and the stipping brush provide the same flawless finish, blending  foundation into the skin perfectly, however it just takes longer with the stippling brush which is why I prefer the buffing brush. It's such a shame that the buffing brush isn't sold separately, like the stippling brush is. However I can't recommend the core collection enough for all the brushes, including the buffing brush in particular. 

The foundation brush comes with the core collection, personally I don't use this brush for full application of foundation due to one, it's size, it's very small and would take far to long to apply and two the shape. I really do not like these types of brushes to apply foundation with, I much prefer to use larger round topped brushes, as it makes blending of foundation really easy and you can cover more of your face at once. However, I've found this brush to be perfect for application of foundation to areas which need higher coverage then others and I use it for that.

Which is your favourite for foundation?


  1. I was so stuck for what brush to buy from the Real Techniques collections - Everyone had different opinions on the best one for foundation... so I ended up opting for the Sigma F80! x

  2. I love the stippling brush, its great for cream blush xx

  3. I can't wait to buy some Real Techniques brushes, they look amazing and so soft! xx

  4. I need these! Everyone is talking about them, and they sound so wonderful! :))
    xo Smitty

  5. I can't wait to get my hands on some of these brushes. My local Boots doesn't stock them so I'll have to remember to look for them when I next visit a bigger city. x

  6. I definitely agree that the buffing brush is the best to apply foundation with, It’s so much better than a normal foundation brush!


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