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Friday, 23 March 2012

After reading many reviews on this brush, I had to get my hands on one, however after many failed trips to Boots which had either sold out of them or didn't sell them at all, I managed to find one. As you may know these brushes are made by Samantha Chapman who is a professional make up artist and one half of pixiwoo, so I knew that this brush would be good quality. All her brushes are colour coded to ease finding them and knowing their purpose, gold is for face, purple for eyes and pink for finish and they just look generally quite pretty because of this. 

Well, for starters the price of this brush is amazing, never in a million years could I justify paying £30 pounds for a make up brush, so this really appealed to me price wise at £11.99. The fact that this brush is such a good price doesn't mean that quality is not of a high standard, as the quality is fantastic. The bristles are supper soft and not one single hair has shed! The brush has quite a large handle with a flat base, so you can self stand the brush. I just keep mine in a pot with my other brushes and the handle doesn't take up to much space.

The brush applies foundation flawlessly, blending into the skin with ease. It also works a treat when applying cream blusher. However, I've found with foundation that it does take a while to blend the foundation into the skin and sometimes if I'm in a rush I prefer to choose a different brush, which I'll tell you about in another blog post!

Overall I fantastic brush to have and to use daily making foundation application simple and leaving flawless results. I'd recommend this to anyone!

Have you tried this brush before? What are your thoughts?


  1. I'd love to try this, have you every tried any other stippling brush - And how does it compare?


    1. also replied on twitter in case you don't see this, but no i haven't actually but i'm so pleased with this that I'm happy with it for a while before I try another to compare unless you have any recommendations :)?

  2. I've been debating on whether or not I should get this brush - I think I will now! :-) x

    1. so worth it, everyone else tempted me! x

  3. i've been after this brush for so long. I have the foundation one but want this and the buffing brush too :)



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