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Thursday, 9 February 2012

A different type of post today, but one that I really wanted to do and that is Amy's from Flaws and all blog (click here for her blog link) 'project perfect'. The whole idea behind this is to raise peoples self esteem about themselves, as often, I am guilty of this myself, people always put themselves down and dislike things about them rather than focusing on the positives. Well Amy wants to change this and to help people to feel better about themselves and it's a lovely idea and something I certain need to do. 

Here's what you need to do...
1. Post a photo that you like of yourself and say in a couple of sentences why you like it.
2. State some things that you DON'T like yourself but say why others may love to be like that.
3. State 3 things that you DO like about yourself.

So here's my photo that I like about myself (excuse the awful webcam picture) 
The reason that I like this photo is because I like my hair in it. I have naturally curly hair, which I have a love/hate relationship with, but I think this photo shows it quite nicely.

Thing that I don't like about myself, but others do/might want
1. Like I said above, I have a funny relationship with my hair, I sometimes love that it's curly but most of the time I hate it and would much rather have straight hair. However other people and my friends say that they love my hair and wished they had naturally curly hair.

2. I really dislike my nose, I just see it as being quite big, but other people, especially the boyfriend say it's cute and not even that big. 

3. I'm quite pale and lack iron due to being a vegetarian (which doesn't help the matter) and I wish I had more colour to my skin. However pale is quite a desired natural look these days and is becoming more promoted with the likes of celebrities such as Nicola Roberts, therefore I should embrace this more!

Three things that I do like about myself
1. I actually really like my eyelashes, they are naturally quite long but with mascara they go super long and volumised.

2. I like my hazel coloured eyes. So to sum up 1 and 2, I basically like my eyes!

3. Finally I quite like my freckles, I have a few on my face and on my arms. But I especially like the tiny triangle of freckles I have on the top of my foot. A little random but true, I've literally shown everyone, well that I know. Whipping out my foot and showing my 'freckle triangle' to a complete stranger and someone I barely know would be a little strange!

So there we have it, my contribution to Amy's project perfect. I think this post really helped me to think about the positive things about myself for a change rather than what I don't like. If you fancy having a go at doing this, then go for it and just answer the same questions I did and post a link on Amy's blog (link here again) as I'm sure she would love to read it and see the involvement from others and she will also link the post to her 'project perfect' page.


  1. Woman I love your hair, it looks lush! My hair is naturally straight. And by straight I mean dead STRAIGHT and I can never get any volume whatsoever. It probably doesnt help my hairs really thick n heavy too lol Yours looks like an actual volumous mane! Jelous!:) xx

    1. thank you, but i'd rather have straight hair any day! funny that how no one is happy with their natural hair! my hair can get too big at times haha! x

  2. I'm really pale too, but I'm learning to love it, Nicola Roberts, Dita von Teese, they're all beautiful! Or if it's a bad day, I resort to the bronzer xx

    1. they really are beautiful! and your right a little make up and were fine :)

  3. Great post ! And your hair looks amazing in this picture ! xx

  4. Gorgeous photo :) This was a really lovely post to read. Amy's project perfect is a brilliant idea - I'm hopefully going to do my post this weekend/next week :)

  5. You look gorgeous in that photo - I adore your hair :)! Great post lovely xxx

  6. you look so adorable at that picture!

    Daria, the Fashionsurfer

  7. your hair looks so gorgeous!.. & thanks for the comment.. x

  8. This is such a lovely post :) I love the idea x


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