Mushroom Nails

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Barry M mushroom, my current obsession. My mum bought me a lovely Barry M nail polish set for christmas and she said she nearly didn't buy it because she didn't think that I would like the mushroom coloured one. Little did she know that I would actually love it. I haven't stopped wearing it since, it's such a lovely colour and goes with literally everything. I doubt I would actually buy this if I saw it in the shops, just goes to show how many products you might think you don't like but actually love. I've always loved Barry M nail polishes, they are so cheap, last for ages and they have such a beautiful selection of colours. I think the only Barry M nail polish which I haven't liked is the red glitter one, can't remember the name exactly but it was just awful. It didn't apply well, it literally never dried and was impossible to get off! But I love this one to pieces.

Whats your favourite Barry M nail polish?


  1. I love this polish on everybody except me, it doesn't suit pink hands haha x

  2. aww that's a shame, I think i'd still wear it even if it didn't suit me, i love it that much! :)


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