Maybelline Dream Touch Blush

Thursday, 15 December 2011

I think this was the first make-up product that I ever bought where I just went straight in over to the shelves and came out with something in under five minutes. Usually I spend ages looking at the different make up products, testing out literally everything on my hand until there is no room left and I then end up with foundations and blushers rubbed up my arm and stand there for ages trying to figure out which product is which. But not this time. 
The reason I didn't spend hours looking for this is because I saw this and straight away loved the colour. I've used Maybelline dream touch/mousse blushers before and really liked them, although I do have to admit that they don't last a while. The colour I went for is '16H12W' which isn't even a colour name funnily enough, don't understand why Maybelline have done this it's not easy to remember and doesn't describe the colour of the blusher at all. The blusher is very shimmery and glittery and highlights your cheeks whilst providing a little peachy, golden colour. To be fair the blusher doesn't last all that long and needs regular top up's but looks lovely faded.
The blusher has a really creamy smooth texture and you only need a tiny amount. Compared to older blushers such as Dream Mousse Blush (pictured above on the left) in Dolly Pink this blusher is a lot thicker and has a more matt appearance compared to the Dream Touch blusher. I use to wear this blusher every single day of my life back at college but stopped wearing it for bronzer. Shame you can't buy it any more but they do a similar colour in the Dream Touch blush, would be interesting to buy to compare that with the older ones.

What's your favourite blusher? I'm lusting over alot of benefit ones at the moment!


  1. My favourite blush is without a doubt Boujois in Rose D'or - it's beautiful! xx


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