Handbag Cravings, Time for a Change

Sunday, 4 December 2011

This is my current handbag, bought of ebay about six months ago. I love it to pieces but I fancy a change and with christmas coming up it couldn't be a better time.  Although I doubt I will be getting my favourite handbag in the entire world, the Mulberry Alexa which costs about £800. Which is why I bought this bag which looks so similar and cost £15. What I liked about it is that it is not 'trying to hard' to be fake by putting the Mulberry logo on it. Just looks like a normal high street handbag which didn't break the bank.

Handbag wish list ...

1.Accessorize Bella Zipped Satchel. What is there not to like about this bag. It's such a pretty colour and satchel bags are my favourite.

2.Accessorize Cutie Pie Birdie Hobo. I love the shape of this bag and it would make a really nice 'weekend' bag for going home from uni. The bird pattern is pretty too.

3.Cath Kidston British Birds Day Bag. I am such a huge Cath Kidston fan, if I could, I would buy everything. I love this pattern and the day bag style is my favourite.

4. H&M Handbag. I really like the colour of this bag and I'm am always in need of small bags. 

Can I have them all please, plus the Mulberry Alexa?


  1. I love that bag from H&M.


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