Dead Sea Spa Magik: Bath Salts

Friday, 23 December 2011

I have to admit I was a little excited to see these hiding in my sisters November Glossybox as they claim to 'alleviate dry skin conditions' and I have quite bad dry skin. Once I had convinced her that they would be better off with me and them sitting on my bathroom floor for a month I finally decided to use them. I poured the whole packet into a hot bath and soaked in them for about twenty minutes. They did dissolve literally straight away which was good but they didn't leave a nice scent or change the colour of the water at all. I suppose that's not what they are for, but it would of been nice. Well I was rather disappointed, it didn't do a thing to my dry skin and I had wasted twenty minutes just sat there. I find the best thing for dry skin is just  to continuously moisturise as much as possible. They do claim to do other things such as relieve aching joints so they may of worked for other people using them for that purpose. However I doubt I will be repurchasing these, they cost £5.50 for 1kg of product and I wasn't all that impressed.

Did anyone else try these out, what did you think?


  1. I enjoyed this post. Enjoy mine.

  2. I guess you like chocolate and I can not stand the smell of the cupcake, I literally have no idea why I brought it, stupid idea really. Shame the bathsalt didn't work for your dry skin, I scrolled through your blog, I to can not blow dry or straighten my hair without using the Aussie heat spray, it smells amazing x x

  3. nice post!!!


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