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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

I'm just about to start my third and final year of university in september and I'm so excited!
But for some it may be their first ever year at university!
So I thought I would share some tips and advice on my experience so far at uni!

  Living in halls

When I moved to university I decided to move away from home and spend my first year living in halls!
I was so excited to gain my own independence and experience living in halls! You may be a little nervous but try your best not to be as everyone is in the same boat and the excitement of university really breaks the ice!

You will probably......                 
- end up loosing all your tea spoons for some strange reason
- be living off super noodles and fish finger butties
- take washing home at the weekends (trust me you don't want to sit in the sweaty laundry room)
- burn a lot of pans, so stock up!
- play loads of pranks on your flat mates
- shop in iceland and aldi constantly
- spend your student loan on things you shouldn't
- have your food stolen by flat mates
- be woken up early in the morning by returning flat mates from nights out
- attend lectures looking less than beautiful because of the night before
- make lots of friends
- collect cones and other traffic items on the way home
- get at least 100 books a year out of the library 

Freshers week

This is probably the most exciting thing about starting uni!
Freshers week pretty much started on the first night for me! 
Everyone I was with was really friendly and we all went out on the first night together!
I met so many new people, had so much fun, got really drunk, did the walk of shame and turned up to lectures just a little hungover!

During freshers week you may get a little home sick but remember you are all in the same boat! You are all probably feeling nervous and a little home sick so don't worry you are not alone!

and p.s. even when your not a fresher you can still enjoy freshers week! I'm a third year and ill still be going to some events!

Some tips
- have confidence to make new friends
- make the most of it!
- make your own fancy dress outfits, much cheaper and more fun!
- go out on student nights, cheaper and more people will be there
- pre-drink (even if it is never a good idea)

Work (the not so fun bit)

As we all know we go to uni to work!
I'm not going to lie it's hard work! There will be late nights, rushed assignments and times where you want to give up!
But whatever you do don't give up! As cheesy as it is there is a light at the tunnel, a huge one, a degree!
And look forward to your huge summers!

Some tips
- get a diary! it will help you to remember lots of assignment dates and lecture rooms
- post it notes will become your best friend
- study with your friends (as long as they don't distract you)
- plan your assignments, it really helps to get everything in them!
- don't waste loads of money on course books, the library should have them all
- don't bog yourself down for hours doing work, take breaks and try and have a life


  1. This was unbelievably helpful thank you! I'm moving into halls this weekend and I'm both nervous and excited as it's 7 hours away from home! sounds like you've been having an amazing time though and I can't wait to have the same experience :D ox

    1. i'm glad you found it helpful sophie :) omg that's so exciting, i wish i could go back and do it all again, don't want my final year to end! good luck with it all and i'm sure you will love every second!

  2. I'm starting University in a few weeks and I am both excited and completely terrified! Thank you for sharing :)

    1. best of luck :) you will love it i'm sure!

  3. These are such good tips!!!! I'm going into my third year too :) Good luck lovely :)
    Also, really random, I have those pig socks in your instagram picture next to where I'm commenting haha, I love them :)


    1. I have them socks too! haha random 8) I'm going back into second year & think freshers will be even better this year :) good tips and your halls look so nice compared to mine! xx

    2. were getting old laura :p not old enough for cute pig socks though :D that's what i'm thinking, freshers week will be better now i'm not a fresher alice :) they were nice halls, compared to some others i've seen!

  4. thanks so much for this! i'm just going into my second year of college but still nervous to start uni next year! i'm currently looking into everything so this has been very helpful and reassuring <3

  5. Definitly great tips even though I've not been to uni - but enjoyed reading this post lovely! Great blog btw just discovered it :)

    Eda ♥

    Candyfloss Curls, Cupcakes and Couture

    Follow me on twitter ♥

  6. I'm starting an Open University course next month but had the proper Uni experience last year and all of these points are excellent! So true for all Uni students I think! :)
    Excited for Freshers...!



  7. Oh my god, is that your room and kitchen?! so spacey and pretty! I thought mine was okay last year up until now!!
    Also got to say from all these tips I think I did first year completely wrong! I never went out at freshers because I didn't have a scrap of ID with me and then when I finally got it months later... I had no friends to go with as my flatmates abandoned me and I'm a tad hermit like. lonelylife. I don't really drink though so ehh... ;)
    *scuttles back into cave*

  8. My flatmates are always stealing my foo. Haha.

  9. I don't start until next September but, being a worrier, I'm already panicking! This was really helpful, great post :-) xxx

  10. Aw great post! I just graduated and this has made me wish I was going back x

  11. Great post! I've never been interested in going to Uni but I do wish I could've experienced the night life!


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