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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Purity is a completely new brand to me! They are an English company which provide affordable organic, fragrance free skin care products which are gentle on sensitive skin and kind to the earth! I was very kindly sent these products to review and I am very impressed with them!

I always like a good facial wash in the morning to wake me up! 
This left my skin feeling refreshed, awakened and nice and clean!
It lathered up really nicely and I really like the packaging design!

I found that this product really removed make up effortlessly, even eye make up! 
It's quite moisturising too, so doesn't strip the skin! 
However, I did feel like to splashing my face with water to make sure my skin is super clean after use.

Personally I find a good exfoliator a little hard to find. 
They are either to rough, leaving your face looking like a tomato or too gentle.
But this one is just right! (anyone think of goldilocks and the three bears there, just me?)
It's contains coconut shell which really buffs away dead skin, leaving skin soft and brighter! 
Honestly it really does leave my skin looking great!

Now onto my favourite part, the moisturisers from this range!

This has to be my favourite product out of them all!
This moisturiser is thick and creamy, just what I love in a night cream!
It is so moisturising (even on my oily skin) and leaves my skin looking healthy and feeling super soft!
It also claims to repair and protect the skin from environmental damage!
Unfortunately it does take a while to sink into the skin!
When this runs out a repurchase will certainly happen!

This seriously (along with the rest of the products) contains some pretty good ingredients!
Cranberry seed oil and shea butter to prevent ageing, vitamin E to protect the skin and rose water to tone, just to name a few!
Unlike the other creams the texture is different, it's quite hard and a little like a balm. 
Therefore it does take some blending to get it to apply and absorb into the skin.
This product dries matt so is perfect for day time use and my skin type!

Now at 20 I don't have wrinkles (touch wood) but I do use this product because it helps to lock in moisture and improve the appearance of the skin as well as prevent ageing!
This can be left on over night or for ten minutes.
Straight away my face feels like it's had botox (not that I would know) but my skin feels tight! 
I can't really comment much on this but like they say a prevention is always better than a cure!

Overall I am really impressed with Purity skin care. Everything is so gentle, yet effective on my skin and it's really affordable! Some products I will without a doubt be repurchasing! Cough cough, night cream and exfoliator!

Have you tired anything from this range?


  1. Ooo I got sent these too and I really liked them as well.
    I loved the night cream a lot too :)


  2. I haven't used anything from Purity before, to be honest I haven't really come across the brand!? The cleansing lotion sounds great, I do love lazy skin care products. Great review I'll be looking out :)

    Lucy x

  3. Haven't come across this brand either, but it looks really good. Might have to try some of these out. :)



  4. I found this post really useful as I dont know much about this range! I really like the sound of the night cream!!!
    Really enjoying your blog, now following :)


  5. Love the look of this range, may have to try it out! x


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