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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Hair care

This has to be one of my all time favourite deep conditioners!
It just makes my hair so manageable, especially when it's super knotty!
It smells lovely and adds so much shine!
Repurchase - already have!

Another amazing deep conditioner!
This is just so thick and super nourishing for my hair!
It leaves my hair so soft and healthy looking!
Repurchase - definitely!

This does exactly what it says on the bottle!
It removes all the nasties from your hair!
Leaving it super clean and greasy free!
Repurchase - yes

Sometimes this did still leave a grey colour to my hair, despite it being dark brown coloured.
However, it takes significantly less time to rub this product in compared to the 'white' versions.
I will never buy a 'white' dry shampoo again!
Repurchase - yup!

Skin care

Do I even need to comment on how amazing this product is?
Probably not, I rabble on about it enough!
Repurchase - forever and always!

One of my favourite eye make up removers ever!
It literally removes every trace and leaves my eye area so soft!
Repurchase - definitely! 

This smells beautiful, just so fruity and fresh!
It's very gentle, so great for every day use!
Repurchase - probably!

This eye cream works wonders!
It brightens, moisturises and tightens!
When this ran out my eyes became so sore and dry!
Repurchase - yes Kelly, you need it! (even if it is £20)


  1. I adore the Balance Me Wonder eye cream SO much! Great post - You got through a lot! xo

    1. it's fab isn't it! i need to repurchase it asap! that was only half of the stuff i had in the 'empties bag', that's not like me at all! :)

  2. That body polish is absolutely lovely! x

    1. i know, just so fruity! leaves my bathroom smelling amazing!

  3. I think I'm going to have to try that eye make-up remover and the coconut conditioner :)


    1. they are both really cheap too :) i'm sure you will love them!

  4. I feel like I'm the only person in England who hasn't tried the Liz Earle! I have to wait till my current cleanser ends and ill definitely pick it up! xx


  5. I haven't tried Liz Earle but have heard so many great things about it--a must have for my next pay day it is! i also love the Aussie products too, so many lovely smells to it!

    http://drowsyhearts.blogspot.co.uk Xx

  6. Great post, love empties posts. Going to have to give the Simple Eye Make Up Remover a go a think! x

    One Little Vice

  7. The coconut hair treatment sounds really good, I might have to try it out :)

  8. I too LOVE the brown Batiste! I was over the moon when I found it!



  9. Hello Kelly, I just founf your blog and absolutely loved it :)

    Yopu make me wanna purchase all this products :p

    diariodeumabeautyjunkie.blogspot.com (international cargo giveaway :)


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